KKK Endorses Donald Trump

By Jamal Whiteman

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has received a glowing endorsement from the KKK.

KKK leader John Jones said the group appreciated Trump was bringing to light the problem with illegal immigration.

“We like that he is talking about the dirty Mexicans being sent across the border to rape our pure white women,” Jones said. “Us white folks believe in keeping things in the family, and they ain’t family.”

Jones added it was his duty as a God-fearing Christian to stop the country from letting in hordes of poor people.

“The Bible commands us to hang onto our money,” Jones said. “I believe you can love God and mammon.”

He also said Trump, who has been married three times, was a good example of Christian family values. Like Trump, Jones also said he doubted President Barack Obama was born in America.

“He could have been born anywhere, in a barn, up a tree,” Jones said. “I doubt if his mom was even American. She looks like one of those Jewy French bitches.”

Trump said he welcomed the endorsement.

“Jones speaks eloquently and knows the issues,” Trump said. “I’m glad to have his support. I am also seeking the endorsement of David Duke.”

Trump also announced one of his Chinese factories will soon start manufacturing Klan robes.

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