Trump Considering ‘Clueless’ Actress for VP

Stacey Dash
Stacey Dash

By H. Peter Johnson
Conservative Correspondent

Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump is still mulling over who will be his running mate if he wins the Republican nomination.

When asked about who his vice president would be, Trump surprised reporters by suggesting FOX News commentator Stacey Dash. Trump had previously said he wanted Dash as press secretary.

“I know she doesn’t have much political experience, but I think the public is tired of these professional politicians,” Trump said. “Stacey is an outsider who will bring a fresh view to the White House. Anyway, the vice presidential role is largely ceremonial, all she has to do is go to funerals, shake hands and look cute. I think she can handle that.”

Trump offended a lot of black Americans when he declared himself a birther in 2012 and campaigned to see President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

“Having Stacey on my ticket will help win back the blacks,” Trump said.

Dash is an actress who reinvented herself as a commentator on FOX News. Although she describes herself as a conservative, she has been divorced three times and has posed for Playboy.

“I don’t think being an actor works against her,” Trump said. “Reagan was an actor and he turned out to be a great president. Stacey is also easy on the eye. I think she will attract the support of a lot of men.”

Dash is a great fan of Trump’s campaign and has said she would “want a guy like that running my country.”

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  • rayzee

    Couldn’t be much worse than Spiro Agnew.

    • RolandThegreat

      Mr Trump Ms Dash is a pretty and a college educated lady who may be able to carry out a lot of duties such as the Vice President one. But at this point, Black people know too much about the reality of the country. No black man is voting for the Republican Party. Would you consider joining the Democratic party instead?

      • Rich olive

        I hope Donald from when’s the Republican nomination that would make it easy for the Democrats. Of Trump has that mentality. That’s what country needs? Of course any Republican can’t win not after their record in the last eight years. America doesn’t need another goofball Republican in office. Period

        • Rich olive

          I made a few mistakes in my last reply forgive o

  • He’s wrong to think that Dash would bring him the black vote….Dash hasn’t been black since she came out of the womb!

    • Joyce

      You are so right…..What he does not know is that Black People can’t stand her !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trump is the most disgusting, racist, misogynist,unqualified and lying candidate on the face of the earth.Get smart, people and see him for what he is, a joke with a comb over.

  • Mike Marx

    She’s on Fox so she would say whatever they told her to say!

  • T J

    Always a hoe looking for a come up.

  • dr grody

    I would marry that lady in a minute and have a TRUMP LIKE PRE NUP so da bitch don’t take my munnay

  • Jo lindsey

    Did they say clueless or clothes less. I don’t worry about voting for her because I would never vote for him.

  • I don’t see her being vice president and all, but what I do see here is a couple of racist’ jackasses, not knowing jack.