Obama Signs Law Making Black Americans Tax Exempt, Eligible for Free College

800px-Barack_Obama_thinking,_first_day_in_the_Oval_OfficeBy H. Peter Johnson
Conservative Correspondent

As President Barack Obama enters the final leg of his administration, it seems he is revealing his inner militant. Breitbart reports Obama is getting ready to sign an executive order exempting all Black Americans descended from slaves from paying taxes. Black people will also receive government scholarships to the school of their choice.

Breitbart reports Obama will soon make the announcement at the White House, where he will be flanked by civil rights leaders Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“This ain’t reparations, but it’s pretty close to it,” said Sharpton. “Barack finally came through for us.”

“It took us awhile, but we finally managed to sneak through a law that only benefits black people,” said Farrakhan. Farrakhan also announced Obama would replace the Secret Service, with the Fruit of Islam, the Nation of Islam’s security force.

The new law exempts African immigrants.

“F**k them,” said Sharpton. “They the ones who sold our asses in the first place.”

The Nat Turner Executive Order will go into effect on June 16, 2016.

Conservative commentators are already furious at the executive order.

“This is backdoor reparations,” said radio show host Glenn Beck. “What have black Americans ever done to get these kinds of benefits? There has never been any laws holding black people down.”

Black conservative the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson was also incensed at the executive order. He suggested the law would create a backlash against black people.

“I suggest store owners start charging the blacks double, since they don’t have to pay taxes anymore,” said Peterson. “I’m so ashamed of America, I’m think about moving to Sweden, where the white people are still in charge.”

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  • This is the kind of post that will have the right wing nuts foaming at the mouth with rage and I could find nothing to dispute it’s worth. Is it a bluff?

  • Yes, Sherry Murphy, it is a bluff, or, a satirical post. However, I’m waiting for the smoke and flames to start. Want some popcorn?