Stacey Dash Says She’s Dating White Men Because They Make More Money Than Brothers

Stacey Dash (Media Matters)
Stacey Dash (Media Matters)

By Jamal Whiteman

The Business Standard News has received a leaked email from an insider close to FOX News pundit Stacey Dash. In the email, Dash reveals she has not only changed her political affiliations, but also her dating habits.

“I’m done with dating brothers,” Dash says in the email. “Brothers might be packing, but most of them don’t have two pennies to rub together. White boys have some big wallets and they got good credit too.”

Dash, an actress, was recently hired by FOX News to provide “cultural analysis and commentary.” Although she calls herself a conservative, she has been divorced three times and posed for Playboy.

Dash has a book coming out later year which describes how coming out as a conservative affected her Hollywood career. She has recently picked up new endorsement from Ivory skin-lightening cream and Church’s Chicken.

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  • reesee pop

    It is what it is

    • LR

      Stacy like anyone else can date whoever she wishes but this woman is a straight up gold digger she will probably never be with anyone because she loves them just what she can get out of them really sad what an example for young girls everywhere she should hang her head in shame but that’s just my opinion

      • First off this is some BS! Black men acting like black women have the plague! Acting like uncle Toms, speaking with these high pinched voices sounding like a bitch to impress a woman that is anything but black. Now the Stacey is doing the same thing , oh she is so horrible. Y’all black girls better take notes and stop waiting on the brothers. Good for Stacy !

    • Phillip

      She’s simply a money hoe that’s it

  • kerri t.

    It’s on the whole, true! I am a conservative, replublican and have made ALL the mistakes a human can make, Oh! Wait! I’M HUNAN ; NOT PERFECT!

  • theactualfacts

    Sister Stacey is yet another victim of institutional prostitution. If you look very close at her forehead you will see stamped MADE IN AMERICA!

  • Leonard Adkins

    To each his or her on. She made her choice who are we to differ. I choose to watch talented actresses over the goofballs. Was she ever black.

    • Gwen

      This is news worthy how lolololol

    • King Joffe

      Janae29936, Goodbye go date all the white men you want. Believe me you won’t be missed at all. Stacey Dash Jr….. I don’t care if a black woman dates outside her race, I just hate hearing a black woman say, I’ll never date a black man because…..this or that. You don’t hear white women bashing their men like that. Black men have bad credit; white men have bad credit. Black men have good credit; white men have good credit. If you go into a relationship with the wrong views like Stanky Dash; then you will always lose. Good get you a white man SISTA!!!!! Don’t wait for us. We’ll be alright!! Merry Christmas…;)

  • This lady is twisted, self hate, trying to distance herself from who she is. Your dating for the wrong reasons. No one tale you serious, you are clueless

    • oba

      I have read a lot of comments from Stacey Dash and I know this her views on black people are more than twisted she preaches a self hate against her own people and feels that she is better than others of color. I have no problem with her dating outside of her race you have a right to date whoever you choose but her reasons for why she doesn’t is wrong and kind of twisted. stop looking for someone because the size of their pockets instead be proud to have your own money and use it wisely and keep it real about why you truly don’t want to date black men because you yourself don’t want to be black out of shame

  • Ivory skin-lightening cream and Church’s Chicken……sounds like a racial stereotype conflict of interest!

    • Kerry

      She probably wouldn’t know what that means. Sad really…

    • Turboh


  • Skin bleaching and chicken….too good to be true lol

  • Nick

    I want to hear what she has to say about brown and asian people!

    • Nicole

      She said ‘white’ that leaves brown and Asians to be a non-factor. She only sees 2 colors black and white. She is so shallow that she may not know that there are more nationalities out there, anyhow.


      Now, that would be interesting..!

  • Robert Williams

    Stacey Dash,Foxnews,Churches Chicken,Ivory can all go to hell with that pale crap. Who gives a crap about that culture. That is on silly simple,clown brawd. She pale and ugly without her makeup anyway. Now go suck on your pigs.

  • It’s amazing how now I understand beauty is in the eye of the beholder she was a beautiful women I would think Stacey was a special one looking to try make changes but I was blind now I see you not pretty smart at all just another (n) sale out enjoy who you wanna date no need to stop being who you are confused..

  • Connie

    She’s just as confused as gays.

  • wow

    The (n) word really?…She has always been who her email describes. Just shows because she was pretty her lack of acting skills, integrity and intellegence didnt shine through as much. Stacy be you.. enjoy your life.

  • Cynthia Jackson

    So So Sad!!!

  • Maxe

    She is a wack video hoe. As far as talking about a mans wallet and credit she should worry about having her own

  • Sean

    Lol Ivory skin-lightening cream and Church’s Chicken.
    Self-hate allllll the way…Lol funny shit….

  • that’s because the black men with money don’t want to day your gold digging ass no more. Married three times, with tells me that it’s you not the men and the choices you make when picking a man to date. She dates people for all of the wrong reasons, she dates them for money and not for what kind of person they are. The way she is talking and acting she sounds just like a dumb whore who’s time is starting to run out. lol

  • That is called prostitution and MANY women date for MONEY! Objectification of men!

  • When She gets old and they throw her away then who will she turn to.

    • Keyta

      That’s the most IGNORANT shit I ever read, true we all choose who we want and our preferences, but she claiming she want white dick because he has more bread than a black man that’s bullshit when there are plenty of black brothers with cash and have a great living, she just looking in the wrong places. Besides she never been black so who gives a fuck, but you totally missing the whole point!! SMH

      • Antonio

        Malina, you are telling Black men to take notes, we have been talking notes for years!!!! We have been taking note and note like what we are writing. Black women run around like Negro Bed winches. Being a black man. I do not trust any woman that’s that way. You winches make brothers like myself not want to be around you! A brother will have to be than a hard worker or great citizen or work several jobs to able to take great care of his woman. All black winches do is complain. But, when the shoe is on the other foot, they cater to the white and I can’t understand that so don’t want to be around Negro Bed Winches!!!!!!!!

  • Malina

    Well, if 50% of the Black males date and marry White females, she has a right to do what she wishes. I commend her for this as we need to show our men, we can get White males also. Years ago when I was asked out by a ‘gorgeous’ absolutely Adonis White male, I turned him down stating I dated and loved only our gorgeous Black men. However, those Black males who knew he asked me out, were completely down on me for him asking me. There were some ugly comments made about Black women dating White men. Well, the tide has or is turning. The men in our race slander and demean our women when dating outside the race and then making these ugly statements regarding why they date and ultimately marry White, Asian, Puerto Rican or other races of women. I applaud her for this. Black men take note………Black females ar approached by White men. Some of us just would never date outside our race.

    • I have no problem with people dating who they are attracted to, but when your shallow, and make such a generalization of black men, that’s where I draw the line! You applause her for the fact that she decided to date outside her race, yet you didn’t say anything about the rest of her statement. I hope you’re not add shallow as she is, but if you are, then I can understand why you chose to ignore what she was really saying.

    • chuck

      Is the tide turning? Recent studies show Black women to be the least desireable mate by men of all races. Less than 2% of White men said they would consider marrying a Black female.

      • Hot Chocolate

        I’m black and get approached by and date MANY white men. At one point I almost exclusively dated white men. Men like what they like, so what a poll says doesn’t matter. It’s more offensive that you actually believe that BS to be true… I’ll gladly tell you it’s not.

        • Did they find you suitable to make you their wife, or did they just “hit it and quit it”? Don’t confuse sexual attraction with starting a family and a LEGACY, if you do, you’re setting yourself up for FAILURE. Nobody’s going to make you their wife if you’ve been passed around like a blunt.

      • Antonio

        Well hot you are Negro Bed winches without a doubt and you raise your kids to be the same way. If you can’t gey along with people of your own race then there is really something wrong mentally!!!! Don’t believe check it out.

    • Black women have been dealing with white boys during slavery. It aint nothing new. ?Have at it. Yall get down on your knees and pray to images of a white man. (your sweet jesus). GTFOHWTBS.

      • jamell watkin

        miss please…we brothers don’t give a good damn bout you be I g some white mans bed whench….go…and enjoy yourself….

  • Tracey

    Y’all are so gullible. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  • you know what motherfuck Stacy dash I would intellectualize her shortcomings her confusion the mixed up mind that she is but then I would have people listening to me in a manner which she is not and that is intelligent that which she is not so I say fuck Stacy dash Macy date whoever she wants and may they treat her just like they treat their own women like shit for real she is as ignorant as she is white and she is white the Willie Lynch syndrome lives prominently inside of her mind and she doesn’t even know it but that’s what he said it would be happening they would still follow you decades and decades later unknowingly she is a classic example her and that other girl on the view seriously confused on that don’t really listen to them and they don’t like you because they don’t like themselves for real

  • Evangelist Jones Fla

    Unfortunately when you feel ugly and unwanted on the inside, it manifests itself in strange and bizarre behavior. Many women suffer with this, too bad this one is being displayed over the air waves. However her insecurities don’t reflect the confidence and self love that women of color signify. She is being manipulated and used because she thinks that’s all she’s worth.

  • Big Dawg

    Skin cream and churches chicken!!!! Enough said. I used to think she was a fine as sista, now just white girl wanna be Clueless for Real

  • sam smith

    Does she realize that white boys control this society and have white male privilege. Take those two things away from a white man and he has nothing.



  • So this , ba Isically, your cooch goes to the highest bidder? That makes you a what? If thiss what it takes to stay in the Public eye I think I’ll just bow out gracefully rather than to go out looking like the biggest idiot odd all time.

  • She feels that she is doing what’s best for her. The issue I have is, she is lumping all black men into one category. I have A1 credit, and I know quite a few white men with terrible credit. I never thought Ms. Dash was talented, just a woman that Hollywood thought was attractive. Regardless of her beliefs, when she looks in the mirror, she’s still a woman of color, maybe not a”Black” woman, but she can never claim she “White”!

  • I you liked this article, you need to click on the links on the right —>

    Y’all do understand this is a humor sight, ja?

  • Shes an asswipe please white people keep her we do want or need her ass!

  • This is satire, it’s a humor site. Stacey Dash never said any of these things and does not sell fried chicken or skin-lightening cream.+

  • Matthew adams

    To me Stacey Dash is a broke ass xactress gold dipping Hoe , that not one want to Merry. Her pussy look like the Mississippi river By the way how much it cost to date Stacey Dash .I will take her to a fast food place and buy her a 99cent meal if The broke hoe act right i will give her 19 dollars

  • mike williams

    Stacey Dash’s claim to fame was a role in Ghost dad and later on in MO money after that she has done virtually nothing and it’s funny most of the casting is done by the same white people that she loves but didn’t think enough of her to put her in the any new roles so that’s why she got to grab whatever she can get bottom line no talent

  • She’s totally clueless and lost… pathetic

  • drew

    Maybe her and raven Simon should date each other..Their sad to say to clueless sisters. ..hopefully there careers will be short ..

  • They still calling her a ni* ger behind her back and she don’t even know it! smh

  • Big tone

    She must be a sorryass fuck in bed to be divorced 3x,proly just lays there in bed,& only swallows water,my wife of 29yrs means more than all the money put together,

  • Ebony

    She said being a conservative affected her career. No boo boo you did this to yourself. Now you mad because the only gig you got is Fox News so don’t blame your idiotic ways on your conservatism, this was all you boo.

  • Jesse Montez Durr

    It’s Sad With Your DUMB Ass

  • Murphy

    Is she dating men or bank accounts?

  • Smoky

    Any black woman that lays down with a white man needs to realise. His grandparents and greatgrandperants probably raped urs and whipped Ur great grandaddy for putting up a fight. U might Aswell spit on Ur ancestors graves.

  • If it is true that Miss Dash dates white men because they have more money then the white men that she dates understand they are dating a trick, not a serious lady. Her being married three times makes her a conservative. Rush Limbaugh, the grand leader of the conservatives, has been married three times also. Miss Dash is a conservative without serious academic credentials, like Ben Carson or Michael Steele. She is just another person trying to make it on her looks.

  • Joe

    She is a white man whore,she is conservative whore

  • Who gives a darn

  • Wizztrimble

    Little hole be a whole🙈

  • I don’t worry about who she dates, what I do find despicable is the fact that she’s a skin-lightning product endorser, that’s just flat out appalling.

  • King Joffe

    What black women need to understand is we don’t really care about you dating white men. They can have all y’all…..please. That just frees up them beautiful white honeys. Why think brothers sports get white woman. When your money game step up…..your women game step up. To me white girls are the top of the food chain anyway. Goodbye sistas. Good riddins!!!! Don’t let the door knob hit you…… know the rest. Merry Merry!!!

  • Shirley

    For real??? Truthfully …. I had no idea there was a real person who answered to “ Stacey Dash.“ I WAS RIGHT!!! She is certainly NOT a real person!!! I feel so sorry for her parents …. “IMITATION OF LIFE“ all over again. She`s a disgrace for any race, and her own kin!!!!

  • Peter Hoover

    Damn, why does what Stacey Dash does, bothers you people. Leave it alone and walk away. Sheesh, let her live her life the way she wants. She will benefit from good choices and pay for the bad choices…AS WE ALL DO!!!!!

  • Mike in Manhattan Beach

    Jesus…The comments here are really sad…Look I am white, I think Stacey Dash, is as dumb as a bag of rocks, but man some of the comments here buy into the stereotypes and perceptions people have. Look I choose to date women of color…Does that make me hate white women??, NO. I am just not attracted to them period..

    As far as people being married 3 times, yeah people make mistakes, but who are you to cast stones?? Did it once, learned my lesson, maybe some people ( of all colors) dont learn is what it is..

    These comments really make me want to work hard, so I can get out of this country..I am sick of all the racial shit…from everyone including whites…Do you all know what Divide and Conquer is??? We are all being played by the elites at the top..The elites thrive on these divisions.

    I notice people in Colombia, certainly mix easier, lots of beautiful mixed race people, lots of beautiful afro caribbean women..The dont have the hostility and animosity that people in the US do…Cant wait to get out of this tinderbox, known as the United States of america…its going to get real bad…soon.

    Hot Chocolate and Peter Hoover, thanks for bringing some sanity to this disaster of a thread..

  • I do not have a problem with Stacey’s choice on men that’s her private life but when you get blacked ball for doing or saying something disrespectful don’t cross that line and getting to hate on the president and the bet network because when fox gets rid of you you’ll be out here kissing asses left and right she better make sure that young white she’s sleeping with is healthy and as the old saying goes don’t forget where you come from because the people that help get you in the door because if you want to work in acting you might need them again

  • This is b.s. from this lady all the comments above are correct to the point that this women has no clue about nothing in life, its sad how she looks at life an she wants
    to be a wannabe person of color, but she has shown a.. many times already, she can
    not help herself because these people who continue to put her on the the TV so she spews her stupidity constantly and in the end she’s watched the k dashians make money being hoe’s so this where this lady is going because she can see it MONEY MONEY MONEY BENJAMIN’S that’s it MONEY + hoe = stacey dash .. so ends the story! … lol stop entertaining this fool and she’ll go away.