FOX News Hires George Zimmerman as Commentator

George Zimmerman.
George Zimmerman 

By Billy Dane
George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who killed black teen Trayvon Martin, has been hired as a commentator by FOX News.

A FOX News spokesman said Zimmerman will comment on second amendment and other crime issues. FOX News host Steve Doocy welcomed the decision.

“George has had such a rough time after the trial, we are glad to give him a stable job,” Doocy said.

Zimmerman is not the first controversial figure hired by FOX News. Former Los Angeles Police Department officer Mark Fuhrman is also a FOX News commentator. During the O.J. Simpson trial, Fuhrman was revealed to have made racist comments about black people.

“I’m sure he will fit right in,” Fuhrman said.

Zimmerman recently hit the headlines when it was revealed he was selling paintings of Confederate flags to raise money from a Florida gun store owner who banned Muslims from his shop.


  1. I will not be watching ur station anymore,u need to be ashame of yourshelf for hiring such a killer and kkk members,no one in my house will be watching ur sorry ass station any more,i can see why your rating is going down,i hope it get taken off the air real soon,fuck u and that killer

  2. This is typical of a bias News Station such as Fox News! The blatant audacity of a public figure to higher a child killer and make him appear to be the victim and hero! A commentator based on what crudentials: How to get away with murder? This man has been arrested also for domestic violence! When wrong doers and their actions are viewed and accepted as right and just, America is in trouble! The Constitution is not worth the paper it’s written on! All men created equal is a bunch of hog wash!


  3. Fox News what is your problem with this situation….you hired someone who has kill and unarmed child… even doe he didn’t get convicted that doesn’t mean he didn’t do….why you didn’t hire o.j Simpson after his double murder?????

    • “.why you didn’t hire o.j Simpson after his double murder?????” Because he’s not white…..

  4. Fox News what the hell are you guys doing or should I say thinking I pray your ratings hit bottom and why did you bring this racist here in our city. I don’t believe that was a smart move

  5. Fox, all Fox stations need to be boycotted by people of color if no other nationalities will. As for sports, if the NFL, NBA, MLB, and all other programs that value our money should boycott and suspend their programs from FOX. It’s as though they are making a mockery of us all.

  6. Anything he’s involved in, I will protest. That’s a slap in black people face to have him as a commentator. But then again so is that clown ass Donald Trump

  7. What the hell is Fox thinking about?!?!? Are they becoming the official studio of racist criminals or what!? They are nothing but a bullshit Republican propaganda station designed to keep Americans pitted against each other so they can get away with their anti American antics! They really must think Americans are so F’ing dumb! Some are. But most aren’t. I already ignore all the Fox stations, ABC, their affiliate is next! Then I will boycott all brand names that pay for any kind of show that Zimmerman in hired for! If you want to hit them where it hurts, go after their sponsors!!! Money talks, and Fox bullshit TV needs to walk!! PEACE.

  8. Are you F****** crazy thats why i watch channel 8. And ill never watch channel 4. And i will make sure everyone I know will not watch channel 4. That’s a promise.

  9. Fuck u fox for hiring a racist child killer!!! I’m do done with ur network. Nonthing surprises me with fox anymore, ur whole network is suspect!! I didn’t kill no one , I’ve had hard times, why cant I get a job with u. Fucking u and Zimmerman!


  11. I know this is satire but it really wouldn’t surprise me at all if it weren’t. It is becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference, Fox News became a parody of itself a long time ago and it just keeps getting worse (or better?).

  12. I’m so tired of all this where is God in all this? Have we really forgotten?? The good Lord is still on the throne and HE is in control.
    It may not look like it however he is…I personally deal with racism on a daily basis from all ethnic groups whites feel they are better than blacks, browns think their better than everyone, Koreans, Phillipino, Asians, dont give a crap…we ALL have forgotten to LOVE one ANOTHER in spite of our differences! Its hard, I work in an ALL white establishment some days are better than others and sometimes ppl say the darnest things however i”ve learned not to react and I try my best everyday to show the Christ in me once again EASY it is NOT, but for the most part I think we have a great LOVE for one another. Zimmermann may look like he’s winning but trust he is not, having to constantly look over your shoulder knowing that most of America is watching your every move! The torture at night when your alone or any moment your alone must terrify the hell out of him knowing that at any moment someone just might actually knock you off…Think about that paranoia forever! Maybe thats his punishment we dont know….All I know is it time for Black America to really rise up and stand for change….I’M ALL IN!!! GOD BLESS US ALL …

  13. So the parents of this child killer has stands the chance of turning on the TV & seeing this monsters face. Boycotting FOX until further notice.

  14. I am sure this article is NOT REAL. Don’t you see the line right under the headline that says BS News. Of course its supposed to be the initials for Business Standard but its a play on words that means this article is Bull Sh_t!!!!. Fox may be suicidal but they are not ready to end their network by hiring Zimmerman. Hiring Zimmerman would make them a target for condemnation throughout the world.

  15. If this have no verity to it, then FOX should inform their public. However, the hiring of Mark Furman was no joke. Quit fooling yourselves; until further notice by FOX, its real!!!!!

  16. I don’t consider Zimmerman a child killer, the guy was 17 and had an unsavory background. Zimmerman was found not guilty BUT he is a very controversial figure. His father is white for sure but on the other side he is Peruvian and black. He is biracial and multi ethnic. This was a mistake made in the Martin case. That issue is over but it is odd that Fox would hire him. Could this be a satirical article? One never knows.

  17. Phony story or not, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Fox News did hire George (murderer) Zimmerman. They love pandering to their crazy ass base. They have no shame!

  18. Surely, management at FOX is smart to hire a killer, liar, and a real sicko as commentator for their network. It gives him a platform to spew his hate and to fake innocence when he’s anything but!

  19. No that’s good George can be an armed guard for Fox news crews on the side, when hes not reciting what ever Fox puts in front of him. On a serious note I cant see this ending well for Fox or George the guys a shit magnet

  20. George Zimmerman aside.. I have to ask….. What are you people doing watching such a hate filled propaganda network anyway??? It garbage! It’s disgraceful. And it’s hurting our country.

  21. By hiring him makes him even more famous, he does not deserve to be a commentator and should be forgotten and thrown aside from society

  22. you all are such idiots, none of you watch Fox to begin with this is a typical liberal hit on conservative values. I repeat not one of you know anything about Fox you are true liberals, MSNBC is calling you home.

  23. C’mon, who WOULDN’T want to watch Zimmy’s adorable baby face on their telescreen? My only advice for him would be to shave two or three times a day (maybe laser depilation?) because otherwise someone might mistake him for being Spanic instead of from German/Jewish background. (Is it un-PC to say “Jewish”? Because the words I usually use for the religion of the people who killed Jesus tend to get me into trouble at work.)

  24. Fox News never targeted black viewers. As a matter of fact it is their wish that no minorities watch their station and discover America. i.e., I’m informed “Fox News” has the highest rating then any other cable news channel.

  25. The public needs to respond to the Sponsors of Fox programming and demand that they discontinue all financial support of Fox programs. Hit them where is hurts – in the pocket book . Fox is a racist network.

  26. I hope that this is not true. If it is, that will make him an easy target for those whose are looking for an eye for an eye.

  27. This is going to create an even more highly charged racist climate as the presidential election draws near and Trump’s rhetoric continues to make the daily news. This is unfortunate.

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