Trump Says Hispanic Deportees Will Be Served Tacos, Serenaded by Mariachi Bands

Donald Trump (Michael Vadon)
Donald Trump (Michael Vadon)

By Jamal Whiteman

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump says his plan to deport millions of illegal immigrants will be conducted humanely.

“If I am elected president, all the illegals will be made to leave the country. Then they can reply for admission,” Trump said. “But they won’t be treated badly, they will be put on buses and trains that will take them home.”

Trump added deportees will be given food and music appropriate to their cultures.

“The Mexicans will be given burritos and tacos,” Trump said. “While illegal immigrants from Africa will be given fried chicken and watermelon. The Mexicans will be serenaded by mariachi bands and salsa music. While the camps for people from Africa will play rap music as they leave. Asian immigrants will be served rice and eggrolls. Trust me, they’ll love it.”

While Trump insists he will win over Latinos, he is polling poorly with Hispanic voters. Several Republican insiders have said the GOP will never win the White House without the Latino vote.

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  • Tracey Ellison


  • michael

    He a dam nut and not fit to be pouts

  • mrszawadi

    What will he feed his wife and ex wife when their asses leave. And what’s he gonna eat when he doesn’t win and they kick his ass out if OUR COUNTRY. Because he really doesn’t believe he will win.


  • Reba Gardner

    This man has no respect for anyone. Because he has money well God is all powerful so Trump need to watch out because God can fix it so he can loose everything he has then what will he do

  • Jerry Adams

    Donald Trump is a good reflection of today’s Republican Party. Now they see how stupid they look and sound. Go Donald Go.

  • Bukko Boomeranger

    Now that’s what I call MANAGEMENT! Of course, futurePresident tRrump has got to find a way to make the Mexican government pay for the tacos. AND NO IMPORTED TACO SHELLS, EITHER! I don’t want to have to hear some poor Old El Paso worker complaining about how the illegals took our jobs again. As for the African ones, we can make their governments pay by cutting back on some of the trillions in foreign aid we give them.