Right-Wing Commentators Accuse Black Lives Matter Activists of Staging Minneapolis Shooting

Michael Savage (Right Wing Watch)
Michael Savage (Right Wing Watch)

By H. Peter Johnson
Conservative Correspondent

Black Lives Matter activists have vowed to stay camped outside a Minneapolis police station even though five people were shot by white supremacists. However, not everyone believes their story. Several right-wing commentators have accused them of staging the attack to gain sympathy and make the police look bad.

“It looks like a false-flag operation to me,” said radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

He cast doubt on the video showing the shooters talking about the attack.

“Black Lives Matter is affiliated with ISIS,” Jones said. “They could have easily got a white ISIS operative to shoot the video. He could have even been a light-skinned black guy, for all we no.”

Radio host Michael Savage also echoed Jones’ views.

“Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group affiliated with the Black Panthers and ISIS as part of Obama’s secret plan to enslave white people,” he said on his show. “They’ll do anything to discredit our honorable police officers. When have the police ever lied or withheld evidence?”

Savage also said Obama would use the shooting as an excuse to declare martial law in Minneapolis.

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  • Owl Greene

    Every forward-thinking American thought Jim Crow was dead. These comments I’m reading prove either he’s alive & well, or perhaps we’re now facing his offspring – Jim Crow, Jr. or Jim Crow: 2.0. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.