Ann Coulter Diagnosed With Testicular Cancer

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

By Dr. Juliane Bashir
Medical Correspondent

BS News has received reports that firebrand conservative commentator Ann Coulter was seen leaving a Los Angeles-based oncologist. This confirms rumors that she is indeed suffering from testicular cancer.

Coulter, who has never been married and has no children, has long faced rumors that she was born a man. This latest report confirms the rumors.

The news will comes as a shock to her former paramours which include Bob Guccione Jr. and Jimmie Walker.


  1. Not to underplay cancer if any kind, but it couldn’t be heart or brain as she was born without those organs.

  2. While this is funny, I prefer to call her out for her ugly views and rhetoric than for her appearance. I think that’s the better way to go.

    Roger Wolsey, author, “Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity”

    • I’m looking forward to reading “Kissing Fish”, Roger. I think there must be a bunch of us “progressive” or “mindful” christians out here making our way to the next phase of our existence, like “Close Encounters” seekers on the way to Matȟó Thípila. peace+plants! Tim

  3. Just Great 🙂 …I knew there was a couple tucked up underneath there somewhere…. abusive, evil woman she is… worse than any man I’ve ever encountered… and it makes you think? How in the fuck was her parents??

  4. I am a hard left liberal, and yet I find this story to be offensive to me. Let me point out a couple of things:

    “BS News has received reports that firebrand conservative commentator Ann Coulter was seen leaving an Los Angeles-based oncologist. This confirms rumors that she is indeed suffering from testicular cancer.”

    #1 “This confirms rumors that she is indeed suffering from testicular cancer.” Horse shit. If true that Ann Coulter was seen leaving an Los Angeles-based oncologist, it does not confirm anything other than the fact that she left the office of an oncologist.

    #2 You would think that Dr. Juliane Bashir would be able to use proper English grammar. When I read “an Los Anegeles-based oncologist”, the rest of the story became suspect, as the poor grammar told me that that the writer is incompetent.

    This kind of hyperbolic twisting of a story is shameful.

    I don’t like Ann Coulter one bit. And I also don;t like anyone that puts themselves lower then her – which Dr. Juliane Bashir just did.

    BS news is BullShit news.

  5. Coulter’s gonadal issues are the least of her health-related (both physiological and psychological) problems. More significant is her lack of a heart and a soul.

  6. Yeah, I dislike her… But this is transphobic. I don’t care if she was “born a man.” I don’t have to stoop that low to make her look bad (being trans shouldn’t be something someone has to be ashamed of). She has awful views and says terrible things… Pick on that. What’s in her pants isn’t really newsworthy at all. Trying to frame being “born a man” as something to be ashamed of is a shameful act in and of itself… Even if this is just a fake/satirical story.

    • Lucien – perhaps you should try reading the article and comments with a bit more effort. The article never once says anything is wrong with being transsexual – it’s making fun of the fact that COULTER says there is something wrong with being transsexual. She says offensive, hateful and disgusting things about everyone in the LGBT community – and beyond, since she once publicly called John Edwards a f*ggot – therefore if she would get cancer, it would ironic as hell if it were testicular.

      There are people who actually insist she is transsexual, and therefore her anti-gay rhetoric is about being closeted and ashamed of herself, but that’s another matter entirely.

      It’s pretty flimsy to call a satirical piece trans-phobic for making fun of Coulter’s homophobia and trans-phobia. You might as well say one of those old movies or TV shows, where a racist would flip out because they gave him a black person’s heart or blood, were racist themselves, when the point of those stories was to make fun of and criticism racism.

  7. If we want people to be treated with decency and respect we need to do it ourselves, no matter how hard we may disagree with them

    • Apparently someone doesn’t grasp the irony of suggesting that a person who spreads hatred and vitriol towards the LGBT community – a woman who openly uses the word (my apologies in advance) faggot – is actually a transgender person. ESPECIALLY a woman who was the keynote speaker at HomoCon, which was basically a big conservative excuse to tell bad gay jokes and marginalize the civil rights movements of the LGBT community.

      Perhaps you should look up the definition of “satire.”

      Coulter wouldn’t know decency or respect, if they sat on her face and wiggled. And I have no obligation to be respectful of hatred and bigotry.

    • I would normally agree with you, but Ann Coulter has neither. Ridicule is better than instigating terrorism, as she has attempted on the New York Times, her teacher, that she frequently misquotes and smears. I was going to add a visious joke, but that is not me.

    • Annie…chill out. Clearly you aren’t familiar with the absolutely disgusting things she’s been saying about Democrats for years. And I mean nasty and mean spirited so I’m not giving this cretin a pass. You can if you want but don’t think all of us are as forgiving for the vile things she famous for saying and having an orgasm each time she spits her garbage out. You might want to do a little homework before you chastise anyone for their comments about Ms. Coulter.

  8. This is nasty. I’m no fan of Coulter, but this article comes very close to transgender bashing. I thought the headline was funny, and posted the link on my Facebook page without reading the article. Fortunately, very soon after I posted the link, a friend who DID read the article told me that it was offensive because it sounds like transgender bashing. I immediately removed the article, and thanked my friend for bringing this to my attention. Like I said, I’m no fan of Ann Coulter, but I won’t stoop to approving an article that uses gender hatred to make fun of her.

    • Prove it. Find one quote in this article which is in any way insulting or degrading to transgender people.

      Simply satirically writing that a person is a part of a minority they aren’t, is not now, nor will it ever be, inherently offensive.

      In fact, if you really want to claim this article is offensive to transgender people, ask someone who is. I guarantee that they are 1000% times more offensive by the vile and disgusting things Coulter says about them, than anything in this tiny blurb of an article.

  9. Not only that, but it was also revealed that she born with not one, not two, but five penises.
    When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Ms. Coulter said, “Yes, it’s true. But her pants fit like a glove!!”.

  10. and since she hasn’t she clearly doesn’t want to be treated with decency and respect, and has abdicated that option.

  11. Suddenly, I am struck. It would seem perhaps the correspondent is more important than I thought. Could this be from Lieutenant Julian Subatoi Bashir, M.D.? This is truly a great day! That message must have taken forever to get here.

    I am sorry if this serious, but I could not help giggle at the coincidence. 🙂

  12. I cannot fathom the irony of the situation. Coming from someone who is extremely critical of others. She is not one of my faves but I feel sorry for her. Whether or not she was born a female has little to do with it. I do not wish you suffering or hurt. Be strong.

  13. I think the fact the article started with “BS news” should have been a hint that it wasn’t real 😀

  14. I have no doubt that story is pure bull shit. However, everytime I see her i can’t help but think that she needs to go one a new diet and eat one Whopper or Big Mac EVERYDAY. The only one she could be a wife for is the comic character Skelator.

  15. I hate Coulter. She is a virus. But I am sick of the opinion that when women don’t conform to certain physical or societal norms that they’re deemed men.

    Stupid story.

  16. It’s really a shame…..a woman who shows agressive traits has to have male body parts…..Also, as a cancer patient myself, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone even in a joke. Sorry, but don’t appreciate this humor at all.


    We live in times when states are trying to make it illegal for trans people to simply go to the bathroom. The butt of this joke is that she’s a trans person. It’s trans bashing, plain and simple. There are so many better ways to criticize or even just plain ridicule Ann Coulter. This article insults trans people far more than it insults Ann Coulter. Pathetic.

  18. I find hilarious that some folks on the left, who just adore Caitlyn Jenner for coming out as transgender, turn around and use being transgender as an insult. Make up your minds, is being tg something positive or negative.

  19. You hate Ann Coulter because she tells the truth, which you view as hateful. Yet you publish stupid shit like this.

    Ann Coulter does look like a man, but only when compared to internet liberal girly boy studies like you all.

    If you ever dared to challenge Ann to her face on actual substantive ideas, you’d be mutilated, eviscerated, and annihilated, not to mention humiliated, and you know it. So instead you resort to childish liberal games.

    Screw you all and God bless Ann Coulter.

  20. The joke’s on all you Left Wing idiots who think that BS actually stands for Business Standard. Anyone who swallows this crap is a fool and should send all their MONEY to me on behalf of the Ann Coulter Cancer Fund. PS Perhaps if the story was actually FUNNY people would realize it’s satire.

  21. You breath life into the vile lungs of this hateful person by giving her credibility of being a being. She is not. She is a scab on the wounds of humanity. A Leech sucking on the dead flesh of her sick inventions. Forget her she needs not Your confirmation of her Being; positive or negative

  22. Now she DOES have an Adam’s Apple, which normally only men have. She might have an extra chromosome or something.

  23. Reminds me of the day I heard that Barbara Olson was aboard the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. My first thought was, out of all the conservative commentators, why couldn’t it have been Ann Coulter?! Barbara was actually quite a nice lady.

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