Bachmann Says President Ted Cruz Will Be Guarded By A Team of Angels

Michele Bachmann (Gage Skidmore)
Michele Bachmann (Gage Skidmore)

By Hamish Balfour

Former Rep. Michelle Bachmann says that Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz will not need Secret Service protection if he is elected president.

“When Sen. Cruz becomes president he will be guarded by a team of angels,” said Bachmann in a radio interview. “Ted Cruz has been touched by the hand of God and no weapon raised by man can harm him.”

Bachmann is an Evangelical Christian known for making bizaare statements about how Biblical prophecy affects current day events. She has been extremely critical of President Barack Obama, but said she was glad that he was hastening Armageddon.

However, Bachmann isn’t the only person who thinks Cruz has been chosen by God. Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, has described him as an “anointed king.” In a radio interview, right-wing commentator Glenn Beck said God has been preparing Cruz to lead the country since birth.

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