Trump Says He Plans To Bring ‘The Blacks’ Back To The GOP With Malt Liquor, Kool-Aid


Donald Trump
Donald Trump

By Alan Tracy

Billionaire real estate tycoon Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be worrying about the damage he is doing to the Republican Party.  Although Trump is the frontrunner in the GOP presidential primary, his campaign has been marked by media gaffes, accusations of racism and sexism and outbreaks of violence at rallies.

Trump’s comments are believed to be responsible for the recent mass exodus of several high-ranking Black Republican National Committee staffers, according to The Huffington Post. But Trump said he was confident of recruiting more black people to the GOP’s cause.

“I know how to win over the blacks,” said Trump in a interview with The Conservative Chronicle. “We just need to put more malt liquor and kool-aid on the menu, and the Blacks will come back in droves.”

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  • Bukko Boomeranger

    Well at least he didn’t say the “W” word.* Because that would be rayciss! If tRump starts having chicken and waffles at his Nuremberg rallies — I mean, “campaign events” — he’ll con the coloureds to his side, EZ-PZ. They’re so gullible! I mean, they thought Barack Obama would go about presidentin’ like he was a black man, LOL…

    * Watermelon, natch

  • Robyn

    Boy what did your mother and father do to you ? put you on meds when you were 4 yrs old ? We can see that you’re. Your mother’s fault and father’s problem !