ISIS Says Killing Roger Ailes Would Be a Waste of Dynamite

Roger Ailes (Sgt. Christopher Tobey)
Roger Ailes (Sgt. Christopher Tobey)
By Vernon Elliott

FOX News chief Roger Ailes is notorious for his tight security. According to a Rolling Stone article, he has a bomb-proof office and employs a private security team made up of ex-cops. Ailes fears he will be the target of terrorists because of FOX’s anti-Muslim stance. He’s so paranoid about security, he once had a dark-skinned man removed from the building, because he feared he was a terrorist, according to Rolling Stone.

But according to a recent data dump by WikiLeaks, he doesn’t need to be worried.
WikiLeaks recently released emails provided by ISIS defectors which detailed potential assassination targets.

“It would be a major win for the Warriors of Allah if we killed the kaffir Obama,” said Abu Farouk, ISIS’ propaganda minister in a memo. “Taking out Trump might be good, but he’s been so great for recruitment. Every time he opens his mouth, we get thousands of new followers.”

Farouk was not particularly impressed with Ailes.

“Taking him out would be a waste of dynamite,” he said. “Have you seen pictures of him? He’s old and fat. He’ll be dead before the end of the decade. Why kill him, when the Grim Reaper will take care of it?”

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