White Supremacist Who Threatened to Blow Up Black Church Insists He is Not Racist

White supremacistsBy Jamal Whiteman

The family of a white supremacist who was found guilty of burning a cross in a black family’s front yard and attempting to blow up a black church has denied he is racist.

Biff Cummings of Little Rock, Ark. was sentenced to 15 to 20 years, but his family still came to his defense.

“He is not racist,” said his mother Carla Cummings. “He just got involved with the wrong crowd. He is a good Christian who’s also interested in politics. He’s a big fan of Donald Trump, and he watches FOX News all day and listens to nothing but Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage.”

As Cummings was escorted to jail, tattoos of swastikas were visible on his neck, but he continued to insist he was not prejudiced.

“Some of my best friends are black,” he shouted as he was lead away.

Cummings’ statements are similar to comments made by other people accused of being racist.

John Aaron Rice was part of a group of teenagers convicted of deliberately running over James Craig Anderson, a black Mississippi man. The teenagers also shouted racial slurs while they were beating Anderson, but his family still defended him.

“He is not a racist or a murderer,”said Rice’s great aunt in a Facebook post. “If anything, he is being tried by the media, suffering from reverse racism and placed in jail without bond. I am sick of the race card.”

According to Raw Story, Jim S., the owner of a Michigan tire shop insisted he was not racist, even though he referred to black people as “fucking monkeys.” Jim S, who was later revealed to be Whitney Passino, also said he avoided doing business with “ghetto” people.

“Race has nothing to do with this, let me clarify,” said Jim S. in a Mic interview. “What we’re trying to avoid is people who number one can’t afford service.”

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