Alex Jones Accuses the Media of ‘Lynching’ Trump

Alex Jones (courtesy Twitter)
Alex Jones (courtesy Twitter)
By Johnny Dexter

Consipracy theorist Alex Jones has come to the defense of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Even though the billionaire real estate mogul has been provided with an estimated $2 billion in free media and his name is on television daily, Jones accused the press of treating Trump unfairly.

“What the media has done to Trump can only be called a modern-day lynching,” said Jones on his radio show. “They have labelled him as racist, ill informed and sexist. There’s no evidence of that. The media has tried to destroyed his character.”

However, Trump has labelled Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug users, called for a ban on Muslims and referred to FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly as a bimbo.

This is not the first time Jones has defended Trump. He recently said the GOP’s delegate selection process in Colorado “makes Jim Crow look like a blessing,” according to Raw Story.

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