Palin Says ISIS is Gaining Strength in Agrabah

Sarah Palin (FOX News)
Sarah Palin (FOX News)
By Alan Gordon

Sarah Palin recently again reminded the world why she was supremely unqualified to be vice president. She was recently asked a question about the state of the Middle East, and gave another nonsensical answer.

“I think the United States should have a strong overseas military presence,” she said in an interview with WEHW. “Obama, the ineffective liberal, left, progressive that he is, should have never withdrawn our forces from Iraq. Now we got ISIS gaining strength in Libya, Agrabah, all those Muslim countries.”

Agrabah was the fictional country in the “Aladdin” Disney cartoon.

Palin recently made another media gaffe when she accused Bill Nye the Science Guy of being a fake.

“Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am,” said Palin, according to The Hill. “He’s a kids’ show actor; he’s not a scientist.”

Nye actually has a degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and designed sundials for the Mars Exploration Rover missions, according to Raw Story.

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