Jim Bakker Says Egyptians Pyramids Are Monuments to Satan

Jim Bakker.
Jim Bakker
By Hamish Balfour

Televangelist Jim Bakker has pleaded with his followers not to visit the pyramids in Egypt.

“The pyramids are monuments to Satan,” said Bakker on his radio show. “If you look at the period when they were built, there is no way it could have been done with the technology they had. If you go there on a tourist trip, you will be in effect worshipping Satan.”

“I believe they used demonic forces, not slave labor to arrange those stones,” Bakker said.

There is great controversy over the construction of the pyramids. The conventional wisdom is they were constructed by laborers, not Israelite slaves. Former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said the he thought they were used to store grain, but historians say they were built as tombs to dead pharaohs. However, conspiracy theorists suggest they were built by aliens. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says this is racist. He suggests that white archeologists simply couldn’t believe that an African country could come up with that technology, while Europe was far behind. They would rather believe that aliens did it, instead of Africans, according to Tyson.

Bakker is not the only evangelical who has suggested that an ancient structure was built by demonic forces. Speaking on Bakker’s show, Dr. Dennis Lindsay suggested that Stonehenge was constructed by satanic giants.

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  • G. Hendricks

    I believe the pyramids were built by the people who lived before the great flood as a memorable monument to the first human father Adam.


    I like the alien’s assisted in the building of the pyramids better.

  • kerwin La Caille

    there are people who knows very well who built the pyramids. for example, who are the people living in Africa? Africans right! so why is there still a debate on who built it. look at easter island, they still can’t figure out how the statues were moved. so its demons that built and moved them to then?

  • Patrick

    Jim Bakker, you are the most idiotic miserable excuse of a human being to ever live. Your mother should’ve swallowed you. You waste of space and decaying flesh lifeless monstrosity.

  • Patrick

    Not to mention, none of your wild outlandish allegations have any validity but then again, I would demonized something if I didn’t understand nor could ever conceive of such an idea as well. Lie out in the sun you miserable specimen and absorb as much sunlight as possible until your heart stops beating.

  • Shaun

    Y could they not be built by heavenly powers y does everthing african do gotta be evil or satanic. Africans built all pyramids to honor the creator

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