Republicans Don’t Like Kasich Because He Treats Gays ‘Like They’re Normal’

John Kasich (Flickr)
John Kasich (Flickr)
By Vernon Elliott

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has been branded a moderate compared to far-right Republican candidates such as Sen. Ted Cruz and billionaire real estate tycoon Donald Trump. But that might be the very reason why his campaign is faltering. The New York Times recently urged Kasich to quit the race.

According to recent posts on Republican website Free Republic, some GOPers are not happy with Kasich’s liberal views on gay people.

“What the hell is up with Kasich?” said a poster called GunsandAmmo. “He’s treating them gays like they’re normal.”

Another poster called JesusvotesGOP was equally incensed.

“The reason why I became Republican was to get away from all those queers in the Democrat party,” he wrote. “And now he wants to let them in our party?”

Kasich has been critical of recent anti-LGBT legislation.

“I read about this thing they did in Mississippi where apparently you can deny somebody service because they’re gay. What the hell are we doing in this country?” said Kasich during a CNN town hall, according to Chicago Pride.

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