Manning: Obama Will Stage A Gay Wedding in White House Before He Leaves

James David Manning
James David Manning
By Jamal Whiteman

Controversial New York pastor James David Manning has said President Barack Obama will stage a gay marriage in the White House before he leaves office.

“As I have said, before Obama has released a homo-demon spirit in the White House,” said Manning in a radio interview. “God came to me in a dream and told me that Obama will preside over a wedding between Malia Obama and Miley Cyrus before he leaves office.”

Manning, a former convict who runs the ATLAH World Ministry Church in Harlem, became famous for his YouTube sermons which were full of outlandish comments. In one he lambasted Black people, saying they could never run a society. (He also claimed Egypt wasn’t in Africa.) He has also made several insulting comments about the president and his parents. He accused Obama’s mother of being “white trash” and once referred to Obama’s father as a “long-legged mack daddy.” He also said Starbucks was secretly putting semen in it’s drinks.

Manning has also made offensive comments about gays referring to them as fags and calling for them be stoned. But according to Raw Story, Manning’s church owes more than a $1 million in taxes and unpaid bills. The church has been put up for auction and may be purchased the Ali Forney Center, which provides services to homeless LGBT youth.

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