Savage Says New $20 Bill is Another Sign of the War on White People

By Vernon Elliott

Right-wing radio host Michael Savage says that replacing former president Andrew Jackson with abolitionist Harriett Tubman on the $20 bill is a sign of the times.

“Obama is leading a war against white people, the people who built this country,” said Savage on his radio show. “This is just another sign of it. Obama is flooding the country with Mexican rapists and drug dealers and Muslims and he’s emptying the jails so gangs of black thugs can assault white women at will.”

“Now a slave replaces a God-fearing, noble white man on our money,” Savage said.

However, Tubman was actually a former slave who carried out secret missions to free other slaves. She also fought in the Civil War and was active in the push for women’s voting rights. Jackson was linked to several massacres of Native Americans.

Savage isn’t the only person upset about the new $20 bill. There have been several racist comments made about the new bill featuring Tubman. Mac Slavo, a columnist for Alex Jones’ website Prison Planet, also said removing Jackson from the $20 bill could lead to mass enslavement.

“Erasing Andrew Jackson from the faces of the fiat funny-money that is passed around by an increasingly ignorant and dependent society (which itself has adopted digital currency as the new norm) will further cut off the past from the masses, and ensure their enslavement,” said Slavo.

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  • Velma dillard

    Ignorance just don’t know better but you will witness the power!

  • Lucy

    White ppl are crazy as Hell. They continue to remain delusional.

  • Fitz

    Savage is just that, savage. No real person should give a flying shit about whoms face is gonna be on a “bill”. So, Andrew Jack was a SOB, a moron, complete garbage, racist, slave owning, and US rep murdering bastard- maybe someone should rep our 20 note? Uh, as a Black American I dont like the idea of Harriet because it is utterly insulting. Her black face on paper or article that was used in order to purchase her and the people she helped to liberate from the attrocities of slavery is to make who happy? He writes, “white people built this country”, yeah via murdering, cruel and unusual punishment, inhumane practices, cheat, lie, steal, unpaid black/slave labor, and etc. Yup, your peops can take credit for that. So, in essence Savage don’t know the differences between noble and monsterous. And tuose of you to agree don’t know either. Morons

  • Clarence Adams

    How can one person be so stupid as to say that by putting a Black Face on the $20 dollar bill. will cause such a problem,who do he think help build this country with their blood,sweat and tears the slaves that his hero owned?.

  • It’ amazing how ever white person who doesn’t like any person of color think that this country was build by a entire nation of white people if they had any sense or any knowledge of anything they would educate them self on some facts they would stop being asses and take a min out of their hateful uneventful lives most of their inventions that’s used everyday in their sad lives was invented by someone Black and stolen away along with not wanting them to know or learn how to read it was against their law why so they can become rich and keep them as slave servering them now who is shiftless and lazy the land that is lived on was taken from Native American and made to live how they saw fit before Black people was forced to come here

  • April

    Michael Savage first I want to correct you by adding, President/Slave owning/Indian killer, Andrew Jackson did wrongful deeds in plain sight and was never punished, I will NEVER understand how Caucasians thought it was their God given right to own another human being, whether they’re orange, purple or even glowed in the dark, and these hard working whip carrying Caucasians you talk about built this country on the BACKS of persons of color by fear, blood, sweat and tears; you speak about PODUS leading a war against whites if there wasn’t an issue then there wouldn’t be any problem, also about black thugs wanting to assault white women, again you left out how white slave masters would rap their black slave women so I say to you tell the whole don’t keep your readers in dark wth half a story.

  • Melchizedeck

    Are these people Christians or Satan followers?