Glenn Beck Says People Who Vote Against Ted Cruz Will Face Wrath of God

Glenn Beck (Gage Skidmore)
Glenn Beck (Gage Skidmore)

By Jamal Whiteman

Talk show host Glenn Beck says voters who don’t back Sen. Ted Cruz could face holy retribution.

“God came to me in a dream and told me he would seek revenge on Americans who don’t support his chosen one, Ted Cruz,” said Beck on his radio show. “According to my dream, God will visit America with plague, war, and pestilence if people don’t vote for Cruz.”

Afterwards, Beck tried to sell emergency supplies to people who wanted to survive the coming Apocalypse.

Beck has frequently told his listeners that Cruz has been raised from birth to lead the nation.

In the past, he has compared Cruz to Moses.

“I have seen this man’s life,” said Beck on his radio show. “I have watched this man. I have prayed about this man. I have prayed about it by myself, out loud, in quiet, with my family, with my staff, and I happen to believe that Ted Cruz actually was anointed for this time. Would there not be someone that was in the pool that might have the right qualifications for God?”

However, many Evangelicals also considered George W. Bush to be anointed by God, but the nation’s worst ever terrorist attack happened on his watch. Bush later invaded Iraq, a country which was not involved in 9-11, an act that has been called America’s worst foreign policy blunder.

Beck’s adoration of Cruz has drawn mockery, even from right wing sources. Beck has been feuding with influential conservative blogger Matt Drudge. And Alex Jones, a longtime rival of critic of Beck’s, recently called him a “psychotic cult leader.”

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  • Jose

    And you are an idiot just like Ted Cruz

    • Sammie

      Oh brother! He has gone off the rails!
      I’m voting for Trump and I’m not scared of your ridiculous prophecies or your god.
      Here’s my prediction, when Trump wins, Beck will overdose on bull$h1t.

  • Elton Webb

    Then,…why, if God is anointing, is Barack Obama not considered to have been anointed?

  • Which god is Glenn referring to Abraham Isaac and Jacob or another god ?

    “The Gods who dwell in the Heaven…have been redeemed from the grave in a world which existed before the foundations of this earth were laid. They and the Heavenly body which they now inhabit were once in a fallen state….they were exalted also, from fallen men to Celestial Gods to inhabit their Heaven forever and ever.” (Apostle Orson Pratt in The Seer, page 23)

    Would you think fallen means sinner In the 1844 LDS publication, Times and Seasons, volume 5, pages 613-614,… Joseph Smith reiterated that God was an exalted man and that Mormon men could also become Gods. This teaching is well documented, as is their claim that God is not a spirit being, but that he has a body of flesh and bone.

    “God is a perfected, saved soul enjoying eternal life.” (Second Counselor in the First Presidency, Marion G. Romney, as per Salt Lake Tribune, April 3, 1977.)

    It appears ridiculous to the world, under their darkened and erroneous traditions, that God has once been a finite being; and yet we are not in such close communion with him as many have supposed. He has passed on, and is exalted far beyond what we can now comprehend. Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 7, p. 334

    Doctrine and Covenant’s 132:
    37 Abraham received concubines, and they bore him children; and it was accounted unto him for righteousness, because they were given unto him, and he abode in my law; as Isaac also and Jacob did none other things than that which they were commanded; and because they did none other things than that which they were commanded, they have entered into their exaltation, according to the promises, and sit upon thrones, and are not angels but are gods.

  • Johnny Huckaby

    What?! Now Glenn Beck is an Evangelical Prophet!?

    But isn’t Glenn Beck a Mormon!?

    Okay, then in that case, does this mean if Beck is wrong, that we get to stone Beck for being a false Prophet?! Lol

  • Frank

    Beck is aspiring cult leader and boot licking sycophantic tool wiggling in the shadows of better con artists.

    He should be ignored at the best of times, and slapped repeatedly until his uncontrollable urge to lie, threaten and bully depart.

    Nothing less, nothing other.

  • Bryan

    Fuck you

  • Lizard

    Hah! GLenn Beck. I thought he was dead.

  • Flexdoc

    LMAO. God came to him in a dream? Stop I cant. What an idiot. Maybe it was the tacos.

  • Colin

    What kind of country is America that people like this aren’t put into asylums?!

  • How soon he forgot Ted committed adultery before.

  • Mr-DJ

    His statements do nothing but prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is NOT a Christian and knows nothing if God.

  • Buck Kneessi

    He don’t lost his mind

  • Angry Prophet

    First off, God is judging America already and He is just getting started, not because we arent backing a satan worshiped who belongs to a cult of freemasons, but because our nation has served our flesh for decades. We have pushed out God and accepted ststues of baphomet and built satanic synagogues, killed over 60 million babies, legalized gay marriage, and have become corrupted in our government and legal system. This guy saying to vote againsy Ted Cruz will beung judgment, well let me tell you, if you’re a Christian then you shouldnt be voting period!!! Jesus is your king. And for the gentleman who posted aboit the LDS and the Doctrine and Covenant and how Mormons can be gods, you need to repent and seek the true God because you have been seriously deceived. Demons appear as angels all the time to lie and decieve God’s people. Lets just say you don’t want to get caught too late on judgment day and Jesus tells you you let the devil lie to you because you didnt seek the word of God in the only book inspired by the Holy Spirit about God. Read it for yourself. Let God be true and every man a liar.

  • Barbara Dikes

    I knew Beck was partially nuts when he was on Fox. Then he was fired.I believe he has a real disease called “post alcoholic Dementia” and at this point may be in need of emergency treatment.Also,If you google”Ted Cruz Annointed by God” you will find out why the 2 are friends.

  • Laurie

    Beck is full of himself. His delusional attitude comes from opinion and the desire to force others to accept his nonsense as truth. If there’s to be any wrath, Beck will be the first partaker. Your words will either condemn or bless. Where the mind goes the man follows.

  • Kelly

    Mr-Dj, That’s a true statement you made. Under no circumstances does this Man…sound Christian.