BYU Honor Code Prohibits Students From Possessing ‘Masturbation Supplies’


By Johnny Dexter

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) is continuing its all out-war against masturbation. The Business Standard News revealed leaked emails that show Brigham Young University, a Mormon school, is recommending changes to its Honor Code to crack down on masturbation.

According to the email, the church will insert language into the Honor Code prohibiting students from possessing excess supplies of baby lotion, vaseline, hand cream, sunscreen and shampoo.

“Students are advised to avoid these gateway masturbation supplies,” said the email.

The Honor Code already forbids students from a range of activities including men wearing their mustaches too long, form fitting clothing and body piercings other than the ear. However, BYU’s strict honor code is causing some problems. The New York Times reported that female BYU students who had been raped ended up being charged with Honor Code violations because they had taken drugs and alcohol before they were assaulted.

“Brooke,” a BYU student, shared a letter she received from the school after she complained of being raped.

“You are being suspended from Brigham Young University because of your violation of the Honor Code including continued illegal drug use and consensual sex, effective immediately,” according to the letter.

“They treated me in such an un-Christlike way, like I was some sinner,” said Brooke, according to The New York Times. “There was no forgiveness and mercy.”

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