PR Executive Will Rebrand Klan By Renaming Cross Burnings ‘Freedom Fires,’ Focusing on Positives

By Alan Gordon

After being passed over by major PR firms such as Fleishman Hillard and Edelman, the KKK has finally found a PR executive to take on the task of changing the klan’s reputation.

Amy Pflaque, CEO of Pflaque PR, has agreed to help rebrand the KKK. Although the klan is recognized as one of America’s oldest terrorist groups, the organization is now eager to put cross burnings and lynchings behind it.

“Sure we burned a few churches and hung a few coons for looking at white women back in the day, but people need to get over that, like slavery,” said Merle Wyatt, grand wizard of the Little Rock Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, who lead the search. “That’s was a long time ago.”

Plaque plans to focus on all the positive things the klan does.

“The KKK is really an organization that helps boost white people’s self esteem,” she said. “Where else can white people see images of other white people doing positive things these days?”

Pflaque also said she planned to introduce new language for the klan.

“Cross burning have such a negative connotation,” she said. “We now call them freedom fires, because they symbolize white people’s unquenchable thirst for freedom. And we now call klan rallies white pride meetups.”

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