Dollar: God Told Me To Back Trump Last Night

Creflo Dollar 2

By Hamish Balfour

God moves in mysterious ways, but he also moves quickly. Barely 24 hours after Sen. Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race some evangelicals are lining up to say Donald Trump, the thrice married, gambling magnate, who can’t quote the Bible accurately, is God’s chosen candidate.

Creflo Dollar recently announced that he had received a divine message telling him to get behind Trump.

“God came to me in a dream last night and said that Trump is his chosen candidate,” Dollar said. “God apologized for the mixed messages he was sending. I now know that Trump has been touched by the hand of God.”

Up until he dropped out Cruz had branded himself as God’s candidate. His father Pastor Rafael Cruz was convinced he was the chosen one.

“I believe, with all my heart, that his son is called and anointed to be the next president of the United States,” said televangelist Kenneth Copeland during a sermon with Rafael Cruz.

Right-wing talk show host Glenn Beck said God had raised Ted Cruz since birth to become president. He also compared him to Moses.

“Everybody was born for a reason,” said Beck during a radio interview with Rafael Cruz. “As I learned your story and saw the fruit of that story, now in your son, I am more and more convinced in the hand of divine providence.”

Cruz is one of several GOP candidates who have claimed they were chosen by God. Dr. Ben Carson, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry all claimed to have been directed by God to run for the White House.

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  • Raymond Belin

    Now i know for sure that the God of my salvation is very different from the one that spoke to these men.

  • andy

    I am not very religious person, but after analysing amazing raise of Trump and him defeating all 17 seasoned politicians I concluded there has been a divine intervention to elect Trump and save America.
    All explanations about “silent majority is fed up with establishment” does not explain it.
    The most striking “episode” was senator Mac Cain bashing by Trump, THINK ABOUT IT ! !
    Trump attacks Senator Mac Cain saying “he is not a war hero” and “I like people who do not get caught” putting down thousands of veterans who were caught and taken prisoners of war. I am not a fan of Mac Cain as a politician, but this statement by Trump at the beginning of his campain should by any measures be the death of Trumps campaing

    But then Trump numbers went up…..
    I, ve been a Trump supporter from the get go, but the way he won Republican nomination was a miracle and made me to revisit my relationship with God.
    Now I strongly believe there will be more divine interventions one of them during his debate with Croocked Hillary, like after he shoots from both barrels at her during the debate she will collapse on stage and she will be carried out.
    Anybody believes Donald trump will be “presidential” and limit his mouth on stage with this wicked bitch?

  • Lynnessa

    God apologized lol for what! God aint schizophrenic, he aint confused niether he aint doubleminded, Dollar stop playing with God, for real before u lift ur eyes in hell fire,God aint tell u that,whether ur white or black trump means none of us any good

  • Ted J

    Yeah if “GOD” said it, it must be true. Correction: If I say “God” said it maybe the sheep will do what I need them to do. SMDH

  • jay cee

    Trump probably gave the “Dollar” man gobs and gobs and gobs of money to stab his parishioners in the back. GO CROFLO! Jive Turkey.

  • I was questionable about the intention of Donald Trump, but he is a man that acknowledges God. I don’t know if Trump is born again, and believes in Jesus Christ though. On CBN, Trump gave God all the credit for his wealth.

    During that interview, he also alluded to be God chosen man to be president. He is so confident of his appointment and is demonstrating his faith in God. Everyone goes through a transition when God becomes an integral part of their life. Even though his father and grandfather were affiliated with the KKK and denied fair housing to ppl of color, Donald has not demonstrated bigotry and hatred for ppl of color. He propelled Omarosa to her fame as a contestant on the Apprentice. Now, she’s an Evangelist.

    God will have His way. If He has called Donald and if Donald is a tyrant then that’s what Republicans get for their treatment of Obama. He might just delegate duties and responsibilities while he runs the country like a business. If Bernie Sanders does not get an opportunity, then I too may jump the democratic ship.

  • I do not believe that got told this man this

  • God Owns Me

    How did it take so long to discern? and….GOD APOLOGIZED FOR SENDING MIXED MESSAGES? Doesn’t sound right, but maybe he can influence his community to get behind TRiUMPh 2016-2024!

  • Cynthia Coley

    Creflo Dollar, please tell me this is a misprint. Please tell me you didn’t say God told you that and that God apologized for Donald Trump. God has never done anything that required him to apologize to anyone,because he doesn’t make mistakes. When he spoke to Moses even though Moses stuttered he spoke for him. I’m really disappointed in you. But I guess that was a fat check. What a disappointment.

  • I loved Trump since the beginning. Why? Because his massage…jobs, a tall strong wall, with a big doors for legal imigrats and not a politically correct massage.

  • Tina

    Why don’t you people stop believing this mess that’s being written about Pastor Dollar? It’s just not true.

  • Paul V Atchison

    A real miracle was Trump’s friend Pecker publishing lies on Ted, His Father, and wife…The the Rules committee of the RNC cheating the delegates out of their votes…Oh, land Mike Lee’s microphone was cut off by God and a fake voice vote was taken….My how God has been at work for the honest sincere Man….God must love lying, adulterous, draft dodging, Pagans… What a Miracle man….

  • Reginald Daniely

    Now, Really Now Really, How much did Trump pay for that endorsement, Trump only concern is for the Rich , Come on Dollar tell us what God really meant in your dream

  • Nandul Danbana

    Get behind..get behind.. OK I remembered Jesus told Satan to get behind him when he Jesus was tempted by Satan on the mountain.. Pastor you didn’t get the message well,and our God is not a confused God

  • Stopwit D. Fakerory


  • Chaka

    This story is fake and Pastor Dollar didn’t say that, Hillary gonna win anyway smh

  • mark

    I think Donald Trump’s rise might indeed be divine intervention but not in the way you think. In the bible, a prophet spokesperson for Israel was told to go and marry a dirty prostitute. This was symbolic to illustrate the relationship between corrupt Israel and God (the Israelites were the prostitute because of their corruption). I think Trump’s rise is something like this in the sense that he’s dirty as hell, not a statesman, appeals to the stupidity of the public, yet he’s STILL, STILL 10X better than any of the smooth-talking liar politicians such as Killary who can lie with subtlety and poise and nuance to your face and then set the country on fire. Trump is a foul-mouthed straight-talker who is simultaneously the best candidate and who exemplifies just how disgusting the american public are.

  • Pauline

    Any reports stating that I have endorsed Donald Trump for President are false. At World Changers Church International, I nor the ministry endorse any political party or candidate; nor do we advise our members who to vote for. Any claims or statements claiming otherwise are false. This rumor originated on a satirical website and is 100% untrue.

  • TheTodd

    It’s not divine intervention. It’s powerful kool-aid.