Pro-European Group Launches White Lives Matter Movement

White Lives Matter
By Vernon Elliott

The National White Alliance (NWA), a white nationalist group, has launched a movement to draw attention to what they feel is an overlooked issue — the loss of white people to violence.

“These Black Lives Matter terrorists are going all over the place disrupting political rallies and blowing up police stations, but the liberal media doesn’t focus on all the white people who are killed by black criminals,” said Brian Blanc, spokesperson for the NWA. “It’s getting to the point where a wealthy white person can’t even walk through their gated community, which is patrolled by private security, without fear of attack.”

Complaints about black-on-white violence is one the common issues raised by hate groups, although crime statistics show that most people are killed by people who look like them, since Americans live in largely segregated neighborhoods.

One of Donald Trump’s many media gaffes was retweeting a meme stating the erroneous fact that black criminals kill more whites.

According to a recent Huffington Post article, many Trump supporters share the NWA’s views.

“All lives do matter. Black lives matter, white lives matter. I think people matter,” said Chris Burns, a Trump supporter from Warrington, Penn.

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