NC State Senator Wants To Ban Male HS Students From Wearing Pink

Pink shirts boys
By Marina Troy

North Carolina is gaining a reputation as one of the most intolerant states in the nation. A state senator has sponsored legislation that would bar male high school students from wearing pink.

“I want to ensure that young men stay on the straight and narrow and don’t start dabbling with that faggy stuff at an early age,” said State Sen. Cletus Roberts. “Boys need to stick to solid manly colors like black, brown and blue.”

North Carolina is currently facing a civil rights lawsuit from the Department of Justice over a law that would force transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding with their birth gender.

Gov. Pat McCrory is currently scurrying to do damage control after his state has been hit with boycotts from Bruce Springsteen and major corporations and general bad publicity.

“We are not taking away any rights whatsoever of individuals,” said McCrory in an NBC News interview. He also said “this political correctness has gone amok.”

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