Ann Coulter Arrested For Using Women’s Bathroom

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

By Alan Gordon

The Business Standard News has learned that Rightwing commentator Ann Coulter has been arrested by a security officer for trying to use a women’s bathroom in Charlotte, N.C. North Carolina is facing widespread criticism and a federal lawsuit for instituting a law that would force transgender people to use the bathroom of the birth gender.

Coulter was outraged at her arrest.

“I can’t believe the nerve of this rent-a-cop,” she said according to The Conservative Chronicle. “He’s probably an illegal.”

Security guard Jorge Rodriguez later apologized for his actions, but said it was easy to believe that Coulter was transgender.

“I didn’t know who she was,” said Rodriguez. “But look at the that Adam’s apple and those arms? I thought she was a man for sure.”

Ironically Coulter has been supportive of North Carolina’s anti-transgender laws, which she believes protect children.

“It’s not that transgender people are going to go and molest children,” said Coulter on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” “It’s that once you say men can go into women’s bathrooms — men who are out shopping with their little daughters and don’t have mommy to bring her in there. It’s not that the trans are going to molest them, it’s that a child molester now has the right to go into that bathroom.”

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  • Kenneth Hulcher

    Those same child molesters are already going into the same restrooms as your sons, child molesters have very little discrepancy between male or female children. Want to stop that from happening? Find them, arrest them, and kill them.

  • Michael Rogers

    AC doesn’t look like ANY TG or even any man I’ve ever seen per her comment that being an illegal somehow might have an effect,maybe men look that somewhere tho–
    Michael Rogers

  • Lon

    This “illegal rent a cop” is more likely a ordinary Southern Republican.

  • Andrea

    Because she is a strong aggressive female she’s a man? When is this type of sexism going to stop? I don’t care for her politics but I defend her right as a woman to speak her mind and to do it aggressively.

  • t

    Molesters are already going into barhrooms. And you are wrong; they have preferences towards boys or girls. Get a clue.

  • Well, was she able to prove she isn’t a man? That’s what I want to know…you can’t tell by looking at her.

  • Pat

    Hey Ann coulter…..Go fuck yourself with another bitch with a strap on dildo

  • Pat

    How stuck on stupid are you?? It is a know fact that 99.99% of child molesters are White Middle Aged Straight men. Grow up you ignorant inbred..And stop saying that people ought to be murdered..You are a homophobic bigot. You are a waste of other peoples air

  • Tracy

    This is exactly what I ha e been saying about child molesters!!!! They now have an excuse!!!!

  • JR

    Girls that like girls, and guys that like guys go into the same bathrooms for centuries. Transgenders, as far as I know for a fact, have been in the same bathrooms as what they look like since I have been going into public bathrooms. You look at someone and you wonder if this is a man or a woman. I would never go there to embarrass them, or myself if they never posed a problem in my presents……..and they never have!! The law is plain stupid!! let it go. try to live your life and stay out of trying to run everyone else’s!!

  • M. McClain

    What happened? Are the clouds covering your rainbows and butterflies? You all are so loving and tolerant. You’re also all really stupid if you think this actually happened.

  • Mia

    First off, most mom’s take their boys with them to the bathroom until they are old enough to understand the dangers. Even when boys are older, mom’s usually plant themselves right outside the door and ask if they’re ok every 5 seconds. Of course predators are already in the mens’ room… but they’re in the mens’ room with other men who aren’t predators. This is a very different scenario than having a predator in the ladies room, where both the kids AND their mothers are at risk.

  • Retired Police Officer

    Not true pedophiles are typically very specific in their victims. It isnnot typical for pedophiles to molest both male and female children.

  • william

    let’s start with Dennis Hastert and set an example for all. Republican and Christian.. the standard child molester/ bathroom trolling for sex types..

  • Joe T White Jr.

    God Bless America . That’s the whole problem it aint no God in it some people are trying to play God, but their minds are corrupted and every demon that the devil has working for him in this situation is going to burst hell wide open and the sad part about it a lots of people are acting as if they dont realize that God is on his way back. This is the signs of time every thing that’s happening is in the book of Revulations so please understand what I’m saying and let that be the reason for us to keep praying for our children and grandchildren because we’re living in a world of corruption. May God Bless each and every one of yall that’s reading this comment.

  • mike

    The hell she doesn’t.

  • Andrea

    I’m pretty sure that being incredibly sexist is the worst possible away to address this very serious issue.

  • Anonymous

    Transgender people are not child molesters or predators, women and children are not in danger in the restrooms or dressing rooms. Do some research before you make untrue statements about a group of people based on your fear of something you are uneducated about.

  • Nat

    All of you need to wake up. This bill had less to do with bathrooms and more to do with outright discrimination. Read the bill. Bathroom access is only one part of it.

  • Blows my mind that people legitimately think assigned gender bathrooms actually prevents child molesters from going inside. Child molesters across the country are laughing their fucking asses off.

  • Beccah


  • Anna Camara

    Her logic is astounding! I wish this was for real. No more than that idiot deserves.

  • Amazing when someone disagrees with you it’s so easy to revert and call them bigots! Never ceases to amaze me how stupid some people REALY are !

  • Forehead Slap

    Satire, all. Come on.

  • Joe

    In order to prevent this turmoil is to first oust the deviant in Washington. He is the main cause of this. So please stop fighting amongst ourselves and confront the root of this turmoil…Obama!!

  • Joe

    We need to stop this turmoil amongst ourselves and go to the root of of what is causing this turmoil. The root of this turmoil is the deviant in Washington so the thing is we need to rid ourselves of Obama.

  • David Laurence

    I love this story and hope that it is true! With her adams apple she can easily be mistaken for a man! She needs to strip naked and prove she has a vagina and she needs to prove that she was born with a vagina! At least in those states that have laws like N.C. does!