Personal Massagers, Vibrating Phones Are Latest Devices Banned in Mormon War on Masturbation

Personal massager
By Billy Dane

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) has launched another salvo in its war on masturbation.

Female students at Brigham Young University (BYU), a Mormon college, have been banned from owning personal massagers after school officials discovered that some coeds were mastrubating with the devices.

“The spirit of masturbation is a tricky and powerful one,” said Richard Petit, a church spokesperson. “We are also considered banning vibrating phones.”

The Mormon church recently put out a widely mocked video comparing the dangers of porn addiction and masturbation to warfare. Last month, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed a resolution declaring porn a health hazard. The resolution also stated that porn “can impact brain development and functioning, contribute to emotional and medical illnesses, shape deviant sexual arousal and lead to difficulty in forming or maintaining intimate relationships, as well as problematic or harmful sexual behaviors and addiction,” according to Rolling Stone.

The Mormon church explicitly forbids masturbation.

“Thus prophets anciently and today condemn masturbation. It induces feelings of guilt and shame. It is detrimental to spirituality. It indicates slavery to the flesh, not that mastery of it and the growth toward godhood which is the object of our mortal life. Our modern prophet has indicated that no young man should be called on a mission who is not free from this practice,” said former LDS president Spencer W. Kimball in “The Miracle of Forgiveness.”

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