White Supremacists Still Hate Michael Savage, Even Though He Speaks Their Language

Michael Savage (WND)
Michael Savage (WND)

By Jamal Whiteman

White supremacists have been debating the fate of right-wing commentator Michael Savage in the event of a race war. Although Savage has gotten wealthy making racist comments, which make him a hero among white supremacists, he hides the fact that he is Jewish and Neo-nazi groups are notoriously anti-Semitic. Savage’s real name is Michael Wiener. He came up with the “character” of Michael Savage, when he decided to reinvent himself as a right-wing firebrand.

Savage often uses language used by white nationalist groups. He has accused President Barack Obama of encouraging “white genocide,” a term frequently used by white supremacists concerned about America’s increasing ethnic diversity.

A poster on Stormfront called AryanQueen said that Savage would still have to go, because of his ethnic background.

“Savage says the right things and he hates Mexicans and blacks as much as any white man, but he is still a Jew,” she said. “Even though he looks white, he’s not one of us.”

A poster called myjeepgrand87132 seemed confused about what to do with Savage.

“Man I don’t know what to think about Savage. I’ve never came across a Jew that wasn’t out to harm the white race and wasn’t a Marxist, but now I see that a man I wouldn’t have gave the time of day, is supporting Trump and talking about how Muslim immigration is a bad thing,” said the poster. “What to think about this guy, I don’t know. I mean he is a Jew, but he is saying the right things. Are there really a small group of Jews that we can trust? I thought the whole bloodline was evil.”

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