Jan Crouch Leaves the Majority of Her Estate to her Dog, Family Feuds

Jan Crouch (YouTube)
Jan Crouch (YouTube)

By Alan Gordon

Jan Crouch’s children are at each other’s throats complaining that the late televangelist left the majority of her estate to her dog, Betsy.

According to her will, which was leaked to The Business Standard News, Crouch claimed that she received a divine message to leave her fortune to her dog.

“God came to me in a dream and told me my dog was more deserving of my fortune than my children,” she wrote.

Crouch and her husband Paul founded TBN, an early pioneer in televangelism. The Daily Mail reported on the Crouch’s lavish lifestyle which including two private jets and 13 mansions. In 2010, TBN generated $92 million dollars in generations, according to The Mail.

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