Jan Crouch Leaves the Majority of Her Estate to her Dog, Family Feuds

Jan Crouch (YouTube)
Jan Crouch (YouTube)

By Alan Gordon

Jan Crouch’s children are at each other’s throats complaining that the late televangelist left the majority of her estate to her dog, Betsy.

According to her will, which was leaked to The Business Standard News, Crouch claimed that she received a divine message to leave her fortune to her dog.

“God came to me in a dream and told me my dog was more deserving of my fortune than my children,” she wrote.

Crouch and her husband Paul founded TBN, an early pioneer in televangelism. The Daily Mail reported on the Crouch’s lavish lifestyle which including two private jets and 13 mansions. In 2010, TBN generated $92 million dollars in generations, according to The Mail.

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  • Gina

    You better believe your news is B.S. news. BULL SHIT at its finest.

  • Thats to bad…She should have had an auditor to find all the little old ladies that gave all they had just to see those dogs had it far better than they did…She actually said on one of their give me your money honey where they ask for money when they did not need it..She said with that sappy whinny voice of hers…Theres a little old lady out there with your little money for your groceries saved back..Give it to us and God will bless you back..Is she crazy or what…She and her husband both had mansions, he dog had it better than most…I don’t respect these tv preachers who always ask for your money all the time..I realize anyone on tv needs money to run their stations with..But the majority like Jacks, Copland, Myers, Dollar, Duplantes, Jan and her partner in crime her husband Paul, Olsteen and the list seems to go on and on….Copland actually has an run way by his mansion…I’m sorry, I just didn’t see where Jesus had all this cray they have….God will judge them and He knows it all..Maybe I am over looking something..But Jan is talking with the Lord about her deeds….This is pure craziness to leave the money to her mutts..