White Nationalists Upset New Version of ‘Roots’ Portrays Slave Owners in a Bad Light

Roots whipping
By Jamal Whiteman

Some white nationalist groups are not happy at the reboot of the classic television series “Roots,” which recently aired on the History Channel.

Brian Blanc, a spokesperson for the National White Alliance (NWA), said he was concerned that the mini series portrayed white slave owners in a bad light.

“Just because they profited off the labor of indentured laborers, raped enslaved women and sold off their mixed race offspring, it doesn’t mean they were bad people,” said Blanc in a radio interview on WEHW. “At least the plantation owners gave the slaves free room and board and introduced them to Christianity.”

Blanc’s comments echo a statement made by Scott Terry, at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference. During a seminar about how to encourage diversity in the GOP, Terry said that slaves should have been glad to receive free room and board from their masters.

William Gheen, a columnist for right-wing conspiracy site World Net Daily, was also concerned about the new version of “Roots.”

“In the new interpretation of the novel they removed any remaining positive roles by white Americans and released it on Memorial Day in the run up to the election to agitate black voters into voting for Democrats and/or for violence if needed,” he said.

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  • Ann marie viner

    White people know what they did
    And shame on you

    Free room and board
    Put the shoe on the other foot and see if you would have survived
    My black brothers and sisters take your rightful place as kings and Queens
    God bless

  • Amway Hardy

    this is the stupidest thing i read today as a white person i am offended by this dumbasses statements these ppl give white ppl a bad name tf is wrong wth ppl?!

  • Amber Moore

    This is disgusting