Creflo Dollar Compares Trump to John the Baptist

Creflo Dollar 2

By H. Peter Johnson

Televangelist Creflo Dollar says Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump maybe the harbinger of something even bigger.

“God came to me in a dream last night and told me that he would send a messenger to bring great things to Christians,” said Dollar on his television show. “Trump is like John the Baptist, sent to prepare the world for the return of our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Evangelical Christians are now beginning to rally behind Trump. Dollar isn’t the only Evangelical who believes that Trump is a harbinger of the Second Coming, according to Right Wing Watch.

Frank Amedia, who serves as Trump’s “Christian policy” liaison, said the billionaire former casino owner had been “raised up” to prepare for the Second Coming.

“I perceive that Donald Trump has been raised up with that breaker anointing to just begin to crush all of the strangleholds that have been placed upon this country. And, let’s face it, this country influences the world,” said Amedia in an interview with Steve Strang, founder of Pentecostal magazine “Charisma.” “And the positions that he’s taken, albeit in not quite the personality that you and I would walk out into, is accomplishing in establishing a lot of what were established norms and are established norms that haven’t been very effective at all on serving the principles of the Kingdom of God.”

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