Evangelical Minister Says He’d Rather March in a Gay Pride Campaign Than Vote For Trump

Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore)
Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore)

By Marina Troy

Republican boosters are fuming about the rise of Donald Trump. According to some major Republican donors who agreed to speak to the Business Standard News anonymously, they don’t plan to support or vote for Trump.

“Trump’s blatant racism is ruining the GOP brand,” said a tech billionaire via email. “I’d rather go back to using dial-up Internet than vote for Trump.”

A Southern oil magnate was equally furious.

“I’d rather have my daughter do a sex tape with Kanye West than support Trump,” said the oil magnate in an angry email.

A successful televangelist said he was disgusted by how some people of faith were lining up to support Trump.

“Trump is not only making a mockery of the GOP, but he’s also making Christians look bad,” said the minister. “God-fearing people are supporting a casino magnate, a pathological liar and a man whose wife has taken softcore pornography pictures. It’s a sad joke.”

According to ABC News, several donors recently met in Utah and expressed their disgust at Trump. Donor John Chacas said Meg Whitman, CEO of HewlettPackardEnterprise and former California gubernatorial candidate, floated the idea of backing Hillary Clinton.

“She posed the question, ‘Is it not reasonable to support Hillary Clinton?’ given all the awful things Trump has said,” said Chacas.

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