Republicans Suggest Orlando Shooter Was Sleeper Agent

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck

By G.A. Afolabi

Right-wing commentator Glenn Beck has accused Omar Matteen, the Orlando shooter, of being a sleeper agent on the government payroll.

“Look (President Barack) Obama is playing the long game, Matten was planted in this country in the ‘80s and then left to grow up,” said Beck on his radio show. “Once he had been trained in weaponry, he was activated and primed to cause mayhem.”

Beck has a history of making wild accusations about Obama. He was canned from FOX News when he said Obama was a racist who hated white people.

Several right-wing commentators and politicians have accused Obama of having a hand in the attack. Alex Jones has already dubbed the attack “a false flag operation.” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Obama was deliberately not doing enough to stop terrorism.

Radio show host Michael Savage accused the government of deliberately planting terrorists in Republican areas, according to Right Wing Watch.

“Ten thousand Syrian refugees will be flooding into America, and why? They haven’t been screened. There is no screening whatsoever. They’re lying to you. And most of them, by the way, are military-aged men without wives or children. He’s bringing in an army,” said Savage.

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