Trump Claims Elite Team of Black Republicans Will Help Win Black Vote

Lucy Nicholson (Reuters)
Lucy Nicholson (Reuters)

By G. A. Afolabi

Faced with a struggling campaign and negative ratings among minority groups, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he plans to deploy of group of black Republicans to help him win over black voters.

“We call the team the Thomas Jefferson group, because he was great for the blacks like I will be,” said Trump. “The group, I call them the Toms, is made up of Stacey Dash, Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain and the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. These are my blacks, and they are highly regarded in the Afro-American community. They can win over the black voters.”

In an appearance on CNN, Trump predicted he would win a larger share of the black vote than previous Republicans.

“And a recent poll came out where I had 25 percent African American. And the Republicans usually get about 4 percent or 5 percent. And one of the hosts said, if he ever gets 25 percent, this election’s over. You might as well not run it. I’m going to do great with the African Americans,” said Trump.

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