Cain Says He’s Willing to Dance on Stage To Raise Money For Trump

Herman Cain
Herman Cain

By Billy Dane

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain is revelling in his new role as a fundraiser for Donald Trump. Cain said that he and Trump think alike on many issues.

“I have studied his policies and I think we are simpatico,” said Cain on his Atlanta-based radio show. “We are so alike that what makes him happy, makes me happy. When he’s sick, I’m sick.”

Cain, is head of the Thomas Jefferson group, a collective of Black Republicans who are expected to help Trump get the black vote. Trump has nicknamed the group, which includes Cain, Stacey Dash, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and Dr. Ben Carson, “the Toms.”

Cain said that he is doing everything to raise money for Trump, who currently lags behind Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in fundraising.

“I’ll do anything to help get Trump in the White House,” said Cain. “I’ve offered to dance on stage and let white Republicans touch my hair, as long as they make a donation.”

Carson, who served on Trump’s vice presidential selection team, said the reality star was becoming more religious. Several Evangelicals have said that Trump has been divinely anointed.

“I have not seen him [pray] but I have eyewitnesses who have. And I think he’s starting to move more in that direction. I think that’s a good thing. I think he’s starting to recognize that there’s a greater power. And I tell him, just last week, that I believe God is using him,” said Cain in an interview with The Hill.

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