Dash: Trump Will Be Best President for Black People Since Abe Lincoln

Stacey Dash (Gage Skidmore)
Stacey Dash (Gage Skidmore)

By Beverly Gates

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s efforts to reach out to the black community don’t seem to be going well, according to a new survey. A recent ABC/Washington Post poll showed 94 percent of black adults had an unfavorable view of Trump. The Hill reported that Trump’s opponent, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has a 79 percent approval rating with black voters.

Trump has said he would get more of the black vote than previous Republican candidates. The real estate magnate has also been using a team of high-profile black Republicans, called the Thomas Jefferson group, to drum up support from the black community.

Stacey Dash, a member of the Thomas Jefferson group, was still convinced that Trump would win over black voters. (Trump has called the group, which includes Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson and Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, “the Toms.”)

“Black people will eventually come round to Trump,” said Dash in an interview with WEHW radio. “Trump will be the best president for black voters since Abraham Lincoln.”

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