Donald Trump Supporters Want to Make America White Again

Pro white trump supporers
By Jamal Whiteman

Some Donald Trump supporters are hoping the Republican presidential candidate will do more than restrict illegal Mexican immigrants from coming to America. They are hoping he will also help reduce the number of immigrants coming from non-white countries.

“Basically, we want Trump to keep America a majority white country,” said Brian Blanc, a spokesman for the National White Alliance (NWA) and a Trump supporter, in a press release. “We don’t want America to go down the tubes. Look at what happened to Rhodesia when the blacks took over and it became Zimbabwe?”

Blanc also suggested that immigration officers run DNA test on potential immigrants to see how much Caucasian ancestry they had.

Fears about white Americans losing their majority are common among Trump supporters. Former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan has been saying this for nearly 20 years and has encouraged white women to have more babies. Trump supporter Ann Coulter made this a theme of her latest book, “Adios, America,” which claims immigration from Third World countries was ruining America.

These sentiments were also expressed by some young Trump supporters interviewed in a Raw Story article. These Students for Trump were also concerned about Muslims outbreeding white people in Europe, “greedy Jews,” (Bernie Sanders in particular) and “welfare-loving blacks.”

“Diversity weakens a country. When you have people of different cultures and ethnicities in the same place you have conflict. It’s natural. For some reason Blacks don’t accept American values and culture. There’s high ethnocentrism among Blacks. It’s natural. Bats are with other bats.” said Volodymyr Kolychev, a co-founder of Students for Trump, according to Raw Story. “Africans have an IQ of 70, Blacks in America have an IQ of around 85 because they’re one-quarter white. Whites have an IQ of 100, Asians 108, and Ashkenazi Jews are 117.”

Ironically Kolychev is the son of Ukrainian immigrants.

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