White Supremacists Blame Trump’s Plummeting Polls on Jewish-Black Conspiracy

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

By Jamal Whiteman

Some Donald Trump supporters think there is a grand conspiracy behind his plummeting poll ratings.

Trump supporters on Stormfront, a white supremacist site, were convinced that a Jewish conspiracy was flooding the media with negative stories.

“The entertainment and media industries are controlled by the Jew-Black alliance,” said a poster called JoeQPublic. “The Jews provide the money, the blacks provide the manpower. Those are two groups that hate Trump, and they are determined to bring him down.”

A female poster called NoBlackmen believed the recent Orlando shooting was a false story planted by the Jews to distract from Trump’s successes.

“Trump was riding high in the polls, and then the alleged shooting happened,” she said. “And now everybody hates him.”

Several negatives stories concerning Trump have hit the airwaves. He is also polling poorly with Latinos and Blacks. His campaign has not hired enough staffers and he lags behind Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in fundraising.
On Monday, Trump announced he was parting ways with campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. According to New York magazine, Lewandowksi was fired after he was confronted with a list of his failures. When asked how he planned to respond, Lewandowksi said his next plan was deliberately leaking Trump’s VP list to the media.

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