Poll Shows More Than Half of Republicans Believe Obama Working With ISIS to Destroy U.S.


By Alan Gordon

A new survey by the right-leaning polling company Occidental Public Polling shows that more than half of Republicans believe President Barack Obama is a member of ISIS, who is bent on destroying the United States. Fifty three percent of 1,000 Republicans interviewed said they believed Obama was deliberately going easy on terrorism.

These opinions were also shared by E-list celebrity Scott Baio in a recent appearance on Fox Business, according to Mediaite.

Baio questioned if Obama was “a Muslim, or a Muslim sympathizer” and wondered if his ultimate goal was to “eliminate the United States as it was created and founded and the way it is now?”

Obama has been dogged with baseless accusations of being a “secret Muslim” since he began his campaign for president for in 2008. Just recently Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused Obama of not being a real Christian. Trump also spent several months trying to convince the nation that Obama was not born in America, but ultimately never showed the evidence.

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