Trump Promises to Be ‘Gayest President Ever’

By Terry Marks

In an effort to boost his imploding campaign, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is resorting to even more grandiose boasts. He seems convinced he will win the LGBT vote.

“I will be the gayest president ever,” said Trump at a recent campaign stop. “I will be the best president for gay rights since the creation of the United States.”

Trump’s claims to be an advocate for gay right sound hollow. Although he was always seen as a moderate Republican with “New York values,” in recent months, he has veered sharply to the right in an attempt to win over the conservative wing of the GOP.

Trump’s “Evangelical Executive Advisory Board,” which is supposed to counsel him on matters of faith, is chockful of Evangelical Christians, such as former Rep. Michele Bachmann, Jerry Fallwell Jr. and James Dobson. Evangelicals have been vehemently opposed to gay rights issues, especially gay marriage.

Towleroad, a gay issues website, said Trump’s Evangelical Executive Advisory Board, was a “’who’s who’ of anti-LBGT figures.”

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