Alan Keyes Says He is Willing to Stand in For Donald Trump

Alan Keyes
Alan Keyes

By Blake Edwards

Black Republican Alan Keyes has offered himself as an alternative to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

According to the Conservative Chronicle, Keyes said he would be willing to step in for Trump, who is proving to be a controversial choice. Several Republicans, including former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, have said they would rather vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton than Trump.

“I’m a true, died-in-the wool conservative,” said Keyes. “Trump is a Johnny Come Lately to the conservative movement.”

Keyes was critical of Trump and Jerry Falwell Jr., one of several Evangelicals who are supporting him, in a Daily Caller op ed.

“In this separation of God from politics people like Gallups and Jerry Falwell, Jr. tacitly accept the false notion of ‘separation of Church and state’ that presently bedevils our nation’s public life,” said Keyes. “Now the GOP is poised to nominate a candidate whose life could be used to illustrate the deceitfully seductive quality of sin summarized in the phrase ‘the glamour of evil.'”

Keyes has run unsuccessfully for president three times. He also lost an Illinois senate race to Barack Obama. In the 2004 race, Keyes was a last-minute replacement for investment banker Jack Ryan, who was forced to drop out after it was revealed he tried to take his then wife actress Jeri Ryan to sex clubs.

Keyes has never won a political race. But like many failed Republican presidential candidates, he has carved out a career as a commentator and speaker.

However, Keyes was not too popular among GOP voters interviewed by the Business Standard News. Floyd Walters, a Republican voter from Houston, Texas, dismissed Keyes as a “low-rent Herman Cain.” Roy Peterson, from Little Rock, Ark., was equally dismissive.

“Alan Keyes? What a joke,” said Peterson in an email. “He doesn’t have a great track record. Voting for Keyes makes as much as sense as paying Bristol Palin to endorse condoms.”

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