ISIS Is A Big Fan of Donald Trump

ISIS convy (Activist Post)
ISIS convoy (Activist Post)

By Jamal Whiteman

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is getting support from some strange places. According to emails leaked by an ISIS defector, the Iraq-based terrorist group is a big fan of Trump.

“Trump may be an ignorant American, with worse hair than a she camel’s vagina, but he is great for recruitment,” said Abou Farouk, ISIS propaganda minister, in an email published by the International Business Times. “Every time he opens his mouth and says something stupid about Islam and Muslims, we get thousands of new recruits. How can we send him a donation?”

These views were supported in a recent Talking Points Memo article. According to the article, ISIS views Trump as “the perfect enemy.”

Laith Alkhouri, a counterterrorism expert, told Talking Points Memo, that ISIS has a vested interest in Trump winning the presidential election.

“They believe that while Trump is running for the highest office in the world potentially, he is somebody that they can mock, they can joke about, and in some manner they believe that this guy who, if anything, if anything, is advancing their agenda, instead of going against their agenda,” said Alkhouri . “That is pretty disconcerting. People talk about ISIS not releasing anything about Trump, well clearly ISIS followers, or at least many of them, believe that Trump is the guy they would want to see in the White House.”

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