Right-Wing Site Claims Obama Skipped July 4 To Worship At Saudi Mosque

President Barack Obama (The Political Insider)
President Barack Obama (The Political Insider)

By H. Peter Johnson

Right-wing conspiracy site World Net Daily (WND) has accused President Obama of skipping the country to go worship at a mosque in Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam.

A WND article stated Obama secretly left the White House and its July 4 celebrations to fly to one of Riyadh’s largest mosques. This story continues the idea that Obama is a secret Muslim, a belief that is still widely held. According to a 2015 Public Policy Poll survey, 54 percent of Republicans believed that Obama is a Muslim.

Also Right-Wing Watch stated televangelist Pat Robertson recently accused Obama of sympathizing with terrorists because he attended a madrassa (Islamic school) while living in Indonesia. (This rumor has been debunked several years ago.)

In an interview with FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said Obama definitely sympathized with the Muslim word.

“And whether it’s the Iran deal, whether it’s not wanting to mention the words ‘radical Islam’ or ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ or other things, Bill. You look at what’s going on. I mean it’s not a question of what I think. But you look at facts. This isn’t thinking, this is facts,” said Trump.

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