OPP Poll Claims Trump Will Get 60 percent of the Black Vote

Black voters
By H. Peter Johnson

A survey by right-leaning polling firm Occidental Public Polling claims that Donald Trump will get 60 percent of the African American vote.

According to a new OPP poll, 60 percent of the 1,000 black voters they interviewed said they would vote for the New York real estate magnate and reality star.

However, in the real world things are looking grim for Trump. Although Trump claimed on CNN that a recent poll showed he would get 25 percent of the black poll, a Quinnipiac University poll stated that only 1 percent of black voters would support him.

Trump has organized a group of black conservatives, called the Thomas Jefferson group, to drum up African American support. Herman Cain, head of the Thomas Jefferson group, nicknamed the Toms by Trump, said he was still confident that black voters would choose Trump over Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“In November, Donald Trump will be more popular in the black community than fried chicken and malt liquor,” said Cain.

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