College-Educated White Voters Are Not Fans of Trump

Donald Trump (YouTube)
Donald Trump (YouTube)

By Vernon Elliott

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is fraught with problems. Trump has managed to alienate practically every ethnic minority group in the country and now it seems he is having problems with college-educated white voters.

The Business Standard News interviewed several white, middle-class, college graduates and they were no fans of Trump.

“For all his education and money, Trump sounds like an ignorant fool,” said Bill Simmons of Atlanta via email. Simmons is a Republican, but he says he’s leaning towards voting for Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary is far from the perfect candidate, but at least she knows what she is talking about and won’t embarrass the country,” said Simmons. “I’d rather vote for Sarah Palin again than Trump.”

Louis Baxter, a Republican from Phoenix, also said she was thinking of voting for Hillary.

“Trump had a meeting with senior-level Republicans last week and it was clear he didn’t know the issues,” said Baxter. “I’d rather have the U.S. military invade Iraq again than vote for Trump.

A Talking Points Memo article also indicated that Trump was not faring well with college-educated white voters. Wanda Melton, a Republican who has voted for every GOP presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan, said she couldn’t bring herself to vote for Trump.

“I’m not a real fan of Hillary, but I think it would just be awful to have Donald Trump. I cannot in good conscience let that happen,” she said.

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