Savage Wants Trump to Get Even Tougher on Muslims

Michael Savage (Wiki Media Commons)
Michael Savage (Wiki Media Commons)

By Billy Dane

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has promised to ban Muslim immigration to the United States, but some Republicans are disappointed that didn’t go further. Right-wing commentator Michael Savage said he wanted Trump to deport all Muslims or ban them from working in government.

“Being Muslim is not compatible with living in a Western society,” said Savage on his radio show. “They will always have divided loyalties and we can never trust them.”

Savage has been critical of Muslims before. In a 2015 Newsmax article, he said America was being flooded by an invasion of Muslim immigrants from Syria. He also said they were “coming here to start a war.”

Islamophobia was on display during the recently finished Republican National Convention. Salid Tarara of Muslims for Trump was heckled by chants of “No Islam” when he delivered a prayer on Tuesday.

According to Right Wing Watch, Bryan Fischer, host of American Family Radio, was critical of the GOP’s attempt to embrace Islam. He claimed it was welcoming Satan.

“The Republican Party last night allowed a demonic power to be invited into its building,” Fischer said.

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