Graham Says Christians Must Support Trump or Face Death Camps

Franklin Graham (Cornstalker)
Franklin Graham (Cornstalker)

By Beverly Gates

Franklin Graham, son of famed preacher Billy Graham, has urged Christians to vote for thrice married, casino owner Donald Trump. According to Graham, who feels Trump has been chosen by God, the reality TV star was the only thing standing between Christians and death camps.

“The liberal Democrats are openly hostile to Christians,” said Graham in an interview on WEHW radio. “We won’t survive four more years of Democrat-led government. I can see them rounding Christians up and putting us in death camps unless we follow their laws that want to grant special rights to gays and transgender people.”

“Christians need to vote for Trump, he embodies our values,” said Graham.

Apparently, many Evangelical Christians feel they are under siege. FOX News commentator Bill O’Reilly has done several segments on the alleged “War on Christmas.”

Right Wing Watch reported Carl Gallups, an End Times preacher, told World Net Daily that the U.S. government was currently at war with Christians.

“In my opinion, this particular election is right up there with the presidential elections before and during the Civil War,” said Gallups. “We are in a kind of societal civil war right now! And we are certainly in a great spiritual civil war in our nation, perhaps one like never before.”

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  • Willow Arune

    Special rights? No. Equal rights with the White Straight Christian folk – no more, but no less…

  • Amen Franklin Graham. Please everyone jump on the Trump Train b/c Christians are under fierce attack by the liberal democrat media/press. Please stand your ground come Tuesday, November 8, 2016 & vote Trump. We the People can save our great nation & our Judeo-Christian values upon which our nation was founded. KILLary will finish off selling us down the river into a 3rd world country, abolish our 2nd Amendment & appoint liberal judges to the Supreme Court which will devastate our Christian values & our Constitution. Please spread the word & pray for our nation & Donald Trump, our last chance to turn this country back toward the greatness when blessed by God. We can do this people, so let’s go & get to work while there’s still time left to keep our republic free for the people!!!

  • Joanie

    I would like the same rights as gays…I don’t have the right to say, sorry I disagree with that lifestyle, otherwise I am persecuted. If gays say to christians, sorry I disagree with your lifestyle, there is no big deal and is expected to be accepted and leave it at that. Thats only one example….

  • Loren Baker

    If God says it’s, wrong, it’ s WRONG. That includes Gay Marriage. Sorry, just speaking the truth.

    Go against God’s word and the country will face judgment.

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  • kathryn wright

    I feel the same way about the death camps. But Trump is the hitler.Its scary to even say anything about it cause he can find out who we are and take us down.if he has a chance.
    I dont think Billy would agree with his son.

  • Jason

    Special rights? Yada yada. Why did you say this?

  • Amen

  • Stop it now

    You can tell what the future may be like by looking at what has just happened in the recent past. Florists, bakers, and others are given harsh sentences, never seen before, for merely exercising their religious beliefs. Did they hurt anyone? No . And if you say their feelings were hurt…well my feelings are hurt on occasion, but I don’t try to destroy someone. When religious liberty is lost, it will never be regained.

  • flexdoc

    What a nut job

  • KD

    Blah, blah, blah from a false teacher

  • CC

    You see another use of christianity to scare you into a decision based on what the ruling class wants the masses to do. Christianity and all the religions practiced are ruled over by the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. If you see Jesus Christ descending from heaven. Know that it is a magical trick, initiated by the rulers of this world. They have all the money in the world to create any magic slight of hand to trick the masses. Let it be clear, there is no Jesus Christ, Noah. You see how the word christianity rolls off their tongue. It’s meant to cause fear that you will not be acceptable to God. By the way, you are praying to satan! Better do some research. That’s what white supremacy is, satanic worship.