Paula White Compares Trump to Paul, Says He Will ‘Defend the Faith’

Paula White (YouTube)
Paula White (YouTube)

By Alan Gordon

Evangelical preacher Paula White has declared that Republican candidate Donald Trump was sent to “defend the faith.”

“God came to me in a dream and told me he would send a champion, a strong man ,to protect his followers and defend the faith,” said White in an interview with the Conservative Chronicle. “That man is Donald Trump.”

White admitted that the thrice-married casino owner, who has appeared on the cover of Playboy may not have lived a Christian life in the past, but he had turned his life over to the Lord.

“I found out that he loved God,” said White during a Trump rally. “I found a very caring man. I found a man who had more integrity than most people that I had encountered. A compassionate man.”

“Trump is like Paul, who was once wayward but then became a champion for Christ,” said White.

The thrice-married White is a controversial proponent of the prosperity gospel. She is also unpopular with theologians who consider her a heretic. However, White now serves on Trump’s evangelical advisory committee and has been called his “God whisperer.”

Many evangelical ministers are now falling in behind Trump. Right Wing Watch said that during a recent campaign stop, a pastor who gave the closing prayer urged Trump and his running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to defend America against the forces of evil.

“Lord, we thank you so much for what these men represent in this country. We thank you that your hand is upon them and they are called up and raised up for this time. We are asking right now that they will be able to stand firm against the viles [sic] of the enemy, against Satan; we live in a supernatural world,” said the pastor.

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