Robertson Says Trump is The Only One Who Can Stop Sharia Law

Pat Robertson (YouTube)
Pat Robertson (YouTube)

By Hamish Balfour

Televangelist Pat Robertson has urged all Christians to vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying he is the only person who can stand against Islamic world domination.

“We need a strong man like Trump to stand up to the demonic forces of Islam, which threaten to take over the world,” said Robertson during an appearance on “The 700 Club.”

Trump has promised to “bomb the s**t out of ISIS,” reintroduce water boarding for terrorism suspects and ban immigration from Muslim countries.

Fear of Islam and sharia law is a common complaint from the right. Conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney warned agents of the Muslim Brotherhood had infiltrated the government. His cause was taken up by former Rep. Michele Bachmann, who was later condemned by members of her own party for her actions.

However, Bachmann, who serves on Trump’s evangelical executive advisory board, is still warning about an Islamic invasion.

According to Right Wing Watch, Bachmann recently told radio host Jan Markell “Islam was incompatible with western civilization” and “demonic.”

“It hasn’t figured out how to behave in western civilization,” she said. “Islamic Sharia law will be the law of the land, not western civilization law. That’s really, fundamentally what this is about. Terror is just a means to get to the ultimate goal, forcing Islamic law on all of us. That means, Jan, you and I don’t have a choice, that means the European people don’t have a choice, they have to live in subjection to Islamic law. No thanks! It’s an ugly way to live, under Sharia law, nothing can be more oppressive and, in my opinion, it’s a doctrine of demons.”

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  • I agree with Pat Robertson and Michele Bachmann there is no place in our country for Sharia law. We love our women our daughters and our granddaughters. So we are praying for our enemies from within and across borders that they will receive visions and dreams and that they will come to know there is only one true God our God the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ who died so that we may live. God Bless America and Israel and prayers to all those who are dealing with the demonic entities rather they are call Isis, Jihad. It’s all evil and that is what we fight against principalities. So in the name of Jesus Christ we pray for our country and our people our allies and for all those who have not heard the word of God that Jesus himself will find a way for them to know the truth in Jesus name I pray amen.