Coulter Draws Backlash for Mocking Muslim Immigrant Whose Son Died in Iraq

Ann Coulter (Howie Carr Show)
Ann Coulter (Howie Carr Show)

By Jamal Whiteman

Right-wing commentator Ann Coulter has launched an attack on Khirzr Khan, a Muslim immigrant whose son, Humayun, was killed defending his troops in Iraq. Khan, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention, criticised Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim comments.

“Who let this guy into the country?” she said in a tweet. “He probably drives a smelly taxi and beats his wife.”

Coulter also mocked Khan’s accent.

“You know what this convention really needed? An angry Muslim with a thick accent like Fareed Zacaria (sic.),” said Coulter on Twitter.

Coulter has previously mocked CNN host Fareed Zakaria for his accent. Coulter is infamous for her racist “jokes” and slights. Donald Trump is widely believed to have borrowed many of her incendiary anti-immigrant comments for his presidential campaign. Coulter has lifted many of her white supremacist ideas for anti-immigration sites such as VDARE.

However, her latest attack on the Khan family may have gone too far. According to Raw Story, other conservatives have come out against her.

Erick Erickson, former editor-in-chief of Red State, tweeted: “What a terrible thing to say about a man whose son died for this country.”

New York Post columnist John Podhoretz also disavowed Coulter.

“I’m ashamed ever to have known you,” said Podhoretz on Twitter.

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  • sdrick101

    She’ll say “I was making a joke” . . . ironically, she IS a joke.

  • RC Polan

    Nothing that attention-loving narcissist says surprises me. Her race is almost run, if there’s a kind and loving God still in heaven.

  • A bereaved father who spoke eloquently about his American hero officer son who lost his life for his men, and stood bravely next to his wife, one of the United States of America’s Gold Star Mothers was making the point about one of Trump’s ideas of singling out Muslims. Coulter’s comments were as much a disgrace as Fox-a-ganda’s Megyn Kelly showing clips of attacks in the middle east during the time for his speech. When you include our fallen in your political slights and slurs, the line crossed is completely unacceptable. It’s beyond disrespectful. It’s UNAMERICAN.