Beck Suggests Chuck Norris As an Alternative to Trump, Hillary

Chuck Norris (Cpl. Lynn Murillo)
Chuck Norris (Cpl. Lynn Murillo)

By Alan Gordon

Republicans are getting increasingly desperate to find an alternative candidate to Donald Trump in the presidential race. Trump’s campaign has been marked by anti-Latino and anti-Muslim comments. He also has low favorability ratings among black Americans and women and even some Republicans say they won’t vote for him.

The latest replacement put forward is fading action star Chuck Norris, who was suggested by right-wing talk show host Glenn Beck.

“Chuck is a patriotic, real American, who loves the military,” said Beck. “If we run him, conservatives will all fall in line.”

Norris is not the first alternative to be suggested instead of Trump. Weekly Standard writer Bill Kristol, the man who unleashed Sarah Palin on the world, recently tried to recruit Iraq War veteran David French as an independent candidate. After an initial media storm, French, a writer with the National Review, turned down the offer.

However, more recently some Republicans tried to encourage Brad Thor, an author of thriller novels, to run.

Thor’s name was floated by Stu Burguiere, a co-host of the Glenn Beck radio show, according to Right Wing Watch. Thor caused Beck’s show to be briefly removed from the air, after he said Trump was “dangerous,” and, if elected, needed to be removed.

Thor initially flirted with the idea of a presidential run.

“If we could chart a path to 15% in polls, so that I could debate, I would gladly run,” said Thor on Twitter.

Right Wing Watch later reported that Thor said he would not run for president.

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